Weekly ecommerce round-up: Customer spotlights, Snapchat marketing and marketing buzzwords to avoid!

Every week our Content Marketing Manager, Lottie Coltman, rounds up the hottest news and articles from the ecommerce world…


Anyone who has read this round-up before knows that occasionally (every week) I struggle to come up with a new introduction for it. The good news is that if you continue to read it, the approaches are only going to get more bizarre and desperate. This week we’ve got a bit of a light comedic relief in the form of a video…

A Conference Call in Real Life – one for anyone who hates conference calls (so, that’s all of us right?!) and well worth the unproductive 5 minutes to watch.*

*Just remember that this email includes actual ecommerce relevant news too…

How One Clothing Store Dressed For Success One of the best ways to get inspiration is to look at others that are at the top of their game. The problem is that this can mean sifting through a lot of sites that, frankly, aren’t. But don’t worry – I’ve done it for you. And not only do I have a great brand for you to read about but I’ve also highlighted some of their best bits.

19 words and phrases to weed out of your marketing copy We all know one awful person who speaks solely in business jargon – they want to “take it offline”, “reach out” and “connect”. Basically, the person you hope won’t come to after-work drinks. But plenty of brands are just as bad, continuously using marketing speak that says very little. Find out if it’s something your brand is guilty of, using this list. (Spoiler- most of us are!)

Retail brands start to use Snapchat to engage – and it’s not just for the kids Up until recently, Snapchat was one of those marketing opportunities everyone seemed to be talking about but nobody seemed to be doing much with. But times have changed. If you feel like you are still behind the curve then check out this article which breaks down how others are using it (just don’t be like me and get distracted with the dog filter every time you dabble). 

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend.

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