Weekly ecommerce round-up: Digital stats, idea generation & 10-minute sales boosting tips!

Good news guys, Valentine’s week is almost over – meaning those of you who forgot to get your significant other’s a present should almost be out of the doghouse.


As usual I will be showing my appreciation, not with flowers or choc, but with insightful commerce articles! (Sorry, if you would prefer the chocolate…)

10 outstanding digital marketing stats from this week

Stats are great. Firstly, they make you sound smart. Drop a couple of these in your next meeting and you can pretty much consider your job done (unless any of your colleagues read this round-up and then the game is up). But all jokes aside, these figures all tell us something about the commerce industry in its key state – something ecom professionals should all care about!

Hacking Ideation: Where Good Ideas Come From (And How to Get Inspired)

I am obsessed with self-help articles. Which is why, when I stumbled across this blog from Shopify, I ate it up. But why should it matter to you, the busy ecommerce professional? Because it is easy to get stuck in the weeds of your to do list, instead of committing time to brainstorming new ideas. And that is when we lose our advantage. This piece looks at where new ideas come from and how to encourage them. 5 minutes well spent, if you ask me!

10 minute actions to improve your online sales

Let me ask you a question: You have 15 minutes between meetings, what do you do with it? Well, firstly grab a cup of coffee, obviously. But how about after that? Go through your heaving inbox? Check slack notifications? Mindlessly go through your To Do list, inducing a slight panic attack? Well, WeMakeWebsites are here to tell you there is another, better way! In this great piece they have outlined a number of 10 minute activites you can do to increase sales. Because sometimes big changes come from small steps!


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