Weekly ecommerce round-up: Product storytelling, Medium reading recommendations & ecommerce predictions for 2017!

Every week our Content Marketing Manager, Lottie Coltman, rounds up the hottest news and articles from the ecommerce world…


This week saw Blue Monday, apparently the most depressing day of the year, rear its ugly head again. The good news? The only way is up! So, just in case you did start your week on a low, we’re here to help you end it on a high – with some of the hottest ecommerce news around!*

*If this really is the high point of your week, I would also recommend a large glass of wine.

Storytelling might boost your product page conversion rates: stats
Once upon a time… there was an Econsultancy article about storytelling. Now, I don’t want to ruin it for you, but it had a happy ending – especially if you care about your conversion rates, which let’s face it, is kind of the name of the ecommerce game. Revealing that the art of storytelling can find an unlikely home in your product descriptions, with measurable results, this is one story you will want to read again and again.

12 blogs on Medium for merchants One of my (many) New Year’s resolutions this year was to give up social media for a month. 3 weeks in and my Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat blackout is still going strong. But I have picked up another addiction – Medium. Luckily, in my experience, this is one place on the internet where you can waste time without it being truly wasted – chockablock as it is with interesting and useful articles, rather than bad photos of other people’s breakfast. Want to get started? Check out this article for 12 of the most relevant Medium blogs for retailers.

Looking into the virtual glass ball: Ecommerce trends for 2017 And one from the Nosto blog! For our Chief Product Officer, Juha Valvanne, keeping a finger on the pulse of what is hot and what is not in the ecommerce industry is of the utmost importance.  So, who better to ask to pen his thoughts on the upcoming year?! If you want to know where to focus your efforts in 2017 (other than not giving up on that gym membership) then this is the one to read.

That’s it for this week! Have a nice weekend.


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