Weekly ecommerce round-up: New Instagram ads, improved product filters & credit card field tricks!

Every week our Content Marketing Manager, Lottie Coltman, rounds up the hottest news and articles from the ecommerce world…

It’s that weird time of year again – the festivities are long gone, the holiday weight is not. You’re still finding pine needles embedded into your carpet (and consequently your feet) and nobody seems to know when we’re allowed to stop wishing people a “Happy New Year.”


But, in this time of uncertainty, there is at least one thing you can rely on – because the ecommerce round-up is here to give you interesting and useful stuff to read on a Friday!


Instagram Stories’ 150 Million Daily Users Will Soon See Full-screen Ads

If advertising opportunities are your thing then I have good news for you – because the list of places where you can show off your wares is only growing and growing! And this time, it is Instragram that is adding its name to the list (again) in a new and innovative way. Everything you need to know is in this article.


Why eCommerce Product Filtering Is Broken (and How to Fix It)

Ok, so your New Year resolution is not the only thing that is already broken because, according to ConversionXL, your filtering could be too. Luckily, while your diet may be unlikely to get back on track, your filtering still stands a chance with this handy guide! You’re welcome.


The ‘Credit Card Number’ Field Must Allow and Auto-Format Spaces (80% Don’t)

Getting going after the New Year can be tough – where do you start?! My advice: A small, easy-to-make change that is guaranteed to have positive effects. This will put you in a positive mindset to go after bigger and better challenges. Luckily for us, Baymard have found just the thing – read this insightful piece to find out how a small change to your credit card field could help your conversion!


So, there we have it – I guess all that is left is for me to jump on the bandwagon and wish you a Happy New Year before it’s too late!


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