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Fashion Bunker

Fashion Bunker has seen a 6% increase in click-through-rate and a 16% increase in conversions of first-time visitors by using Nosto's A/B testing & Optimization to improve their product recommendation strategy.

About Fashion Bunker

With roots in Australia as a small online multi-brand retailer, Fashion Bunker has quickly grown into a global ecommerce company that services all 50 U.S. states as well as hundreds of other locations worldwide. The brand’s wide selection of products makes it so that they have a lot of room for curating individuals’ shopping experiences to their specific wants and needs. As a millennial-focused brand, Fashion Bunker understands the importance of delivering personalized, seamless customer experiences, and therefore focuses a lot of resources toward doing so.



Fashion Bunker uses Nosto’s solution widely on their website, with both Onsite Content Personalization and Onsite Product Recommendations across multiple pages. The fashion brand also uses Segmentation & Insights to break their audience into groups to better understand their behavior and personalize experiences. As a strong believer in personalization, Fashion Bunker wanted to identify how to fine-tune content and messaging to different customer segments, but was lacking a way to easily analyze and test different approaches.


Fashion Bunker decided to use Nosto’s new A/B Testing & Optimization tool to first see how individual segments react to different product page recommendation variations. They set up an A/B/n split test to measure how different product recommendation messaging affected conversions. Because Nosto’s Segmentation capabilities are deeply integrated into its testing capabilities, Fashion Bunker had the benefit of knowing that the test results would not just show winning and losing variations, but would also potentially reveal additional insights into customer behavior.

Interestingly, the test revealed that the results were inconclusive across the entire audience of site visitors. However, once Fashion Bunker began analyzing the results on a per-segment basis using the Merchandising Insights capability built in to Nosto’s A/B Testing & Optimization tool, they discovered that there were actually statisically significant differences in the conversion rate of first-time purchasers. One particular messaging varation had a 6% higher click-through rate than the others, and those that were exposed to this particular messaging actually converted at a 16% higher rate. This insight gave Fashion Bunker a valuable new tactic to better personalize the experience of first-time visitors, which is typically much more expensive traffic to acquire and convert for ecommerce merchants than repeat visitors.


“Thanks to the new Nosto A/B Testing & Optimization tool, we have managed to gather actionable insights on how different segments of customers respond to different variations of a product recommendation slot. This has allowed us to further think on how we can better personalize shopping experiences for some lifecycle segments who have already ordered from our online store. More precisely, it has allowed us to adjust messaging, and our overall tone of voice across channels, to better fit each segment’s needs.”

– James Brown, Head of eCommerce & Digital

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