Melvin & Hamilton

Melvin & Hamilton saw a 2.7x higher CR using Nosto & Styla

About Melvin & Hamilton

Founded in Heidelberg, Germany, Melvin & Hamilton is a family business whose recognized expertise has been passed down from father to son. The company designs, manufactures and distributes high-end apparel, footwear, accessories and small leather goods. The online store, founded in 2012 and now available in five languages, showcases and sells the company’s two yearly collections made up of almost 800 pieces and a range of classic models throughout Europe. Germany is the most important market for the company.



As a long time Nosto customer, Melvin & Hamilton had already seen positive results and wanted to continue to expand its growth and enhance the customer journey. With Nosto, Melvin & Hamilton focuses on improving the shopping experience for its customers and visitors through the use of a modern personalization strategy. 

For Melvin & Hamilton it was also essential to use engaging content to show their customers how much craftsmanship and attention to detail went into making their products. The biggest challenge was to quickly and easily create the right content for their website to match the brand’s visual identity. Melvin & Hamilton therefore opted for a software that offers simplicity, speed and scalability in content management and ensures a consistent and unified CI.


Why Nosto & Styla?

“Since 2014, Nosto has been a preferred partner who has been able to participate in our growth with an extensive product range and very responsive support teams, from developer to customer success manager. Together, Nosto and Styla offer well thought-out and powerful solutions that are easy to use, even in small teams, and take customer needs into account. We have seen a significant improvement in our KPIs, especially in terms of average basket values and sales volume, but this has also allowed us to conduct many analyses of the results achieved. Nosto and Styla are integral parts of Melvin & Hamilton, and we look forward to the results of the latest integrated features, such as Onsite Content Personalization.”

Lucie Piriou, Customer Experience Manager Melvin & Hamilton Digital SAS




During 2018, shoppers who engaged with Nosto products converted an average of 2.7x more and achieved an average visit value 2.8x higher than those who did not. The average order value also increased by 5.5%. With the help of content experience engine Styla, Melvin & Hamilton published brand new online magazines on its own website, available to five countries. They then began to create landing pages based on the simplicity of the software.


Personalized Onsite Product Recommendations Throughout the Store

Personalized product recommendations on the home page, category pages, product pages and cart page allow Melvin & Hamilton to address returning visitors with products they already showed an interest in or are relevant based on their previous browsing and purchasing behavior. New customers can also be inspired by the product recommendations through the display of best sellers, special promotions or new product ranges




Personalized Email Widgets

Melvin & Hamilton sends newsletters to their customers with built-in email widgets from Nosto that highlight relevant best sellers, promotions, new products or personalized recommendations. The products displayed are dynamically updated — so if a product suddenly goes out of stock, the email widget will take that into account and display a similar product in its place. The products are also updated based on the customer’s browsing behavior: If the user has looked at other products, the email widget will display the last products viewed as well as similar ones. In the last 6 months, these newsletters have achieved opening rates of up to 57% and a CTR of up to 37%.


Fostering Inspiration with an Online Magazine

Melvin & Hamilton’s online magazine, created with Styla, serves as an inspirational page and curates engaging content around the topic of shoes: from tips to lookbooks to the latest collections. The magazine is centrally integrated in the header of the website, making it easy for visitors to find. It is used to build brand awareness and trust as well as to increase sales and optimize the site’s SEO ranking. Thanks to Styla, the layout of the magazine has been created automatically and functions dynamically; content is consistently rearranged, offering returning visitors new and fresh incentives. 




Product-Focused Landing Pages 

In addition to the magazine, Melvin & Hamilton uses Styla to create a large number of landing pages. Most of these pages are largely product-focused — presenting new collections in detail and showcasing how these collections were created. Using a “drag & drop” functionality, the landing pages can be assembled from any number of images/video, text and product modules and supplemented with interactive features such as hotspot shopping. Adding these products is simple and fast due to the plug-in integration into the existing shop architecture. Thanks to Styla, creating individual landing pages in four different languages is no longer a time-consuming task for the Melvin & Hamilton content team.