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Personalizing the Argentinian Sports fashion market

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Solodeportes was founded in 1954 as a small family business dedicated to selling sports equipment and apparel. Today, the Solodeportes team is comprised of over 400 employees, 22 branches across Argentina and an eCommerce channel which has become one of the company’s main sales drivers.

Summa Solutions

Summa Solutions is a leading web application development company and Magento® Gold Partner specializing in ecommerce projects. It has supported more than 50 successful projects across Latin America, United States, Europe, Middle East and Australia, positioning them as one of the most recognized companies in the development and implementation of ecommerce sites. With offices in CABA and Tandil, the Buenos Aires, Argentina-based company is made up of highly trained teams committed to the mission and vision of the company.



One of Solodeportes’ main objectives is to provide an equally tailored experience via their physical store and their webstore. But with a very detailed catalog, less-than-optimal web browsing capabilities, and the inability to recommend similar products to those that a customer is browsing, SoloDeportes was missing out on key opportunities to increase relevance.


Solo desportes



Onsite Product Recommendations

Front Page: Entices new customers with a lineup of Solodeportes’ best selling products, and targets existing clients with recommendations based on items they’ve browsed or purchased in the past.

Category page: Displays personalized recommedations based on products clients have previously viewed. Best seller recommendations are also displayed to promote popular products within the last 12 hours, adding a sense of urgency by showcasing what styles are trending among other shoppers.

Product Page: Enables cross-selling opportunities by displaying products complementary to those the user has already browsed, creating a more well-rounded product browsing experience.

Cart page: Promotes “free shipping” incentives and shopping cart-based recommendations – that can be filtered by price and product type – in order to drive a higher average order value. The products recommended on this page are typically products that clients tend to buy together, aimed at inspiring the customer to increase the volume of their purchase.

Thank You page: Provides Solodeportes customers with additional products to browse after they’ve successfully made a purchase, within the same shopping session – extending their shopping journey beyond checkout.



Email Marketing

Abandonded Cart Triggered emails: Customers who have left unpurchased products in their shopping cart (either due to indecision or lack of time) are then re-engaged with email reminders containing said products, encouraging them to complete their purchase.

Browsing History Email Widget: Solodeportes sends personalized Newsletters to each of their clients containing product recommendation slots that change dynamically and automatically every time an email is loaded. These recommendations are based on previous purchases and past browsing behavior to deliver only the most relevant content.



Why Nosto?

Nosto’s support is superlative and didactic, its implementation and configuration is simple and fast. Solodeportes saves cataloging time trusting in the automatic selection of personalized recommendations.

Our conversion rate and average order value has increased sustainably. Thanks to Nosto we have improved the customer and sales experience in our online shop. It has been the best implementation we have made in the last years.
Antonio Beláustegui, E-commerce Manager, Solodeportes