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Ur & Penn

Ur & Penn use Nosto’s Onsite Product recommendations to appeal a wide audience, and still provide an unique experience to each individual.

How can retailers appeal to a wide audience, and still be relevant to each unique individual? Jewelry and accessories retailer Ur & Penn shows how it is possible to offer a wide assortment and still provide personal communication and meeting the needs and desires of every unique shopper.

About Ur & Penn

Founded in 1943 by Erling Persson, Ur & Penn is  Scandinavia’s leading watch and fashion accessory company. Their vision is to be the first choice for people who want to express their personality through the accessories they wear, at prices they can afford. To help foster this vision, the company offers a wide range of jewelry choices: from classic jewelry pieces to the latest trends for men, women and children.


Ur & Penn’s client base is as diverse as their product offering, ranging from clients who purchase classic jewelery for long-term use to frequent shoppers searching for the next hot jewelry trend at a reasonable price. In their bricks-and-mortar stores, Ur & Penn employees can easily offer a personalized experience to each client as they interact with different products, no matter how diverse their preferences are. However, the company’s online shopping experience tells a different story: Offering a wide product assortment, while still being relevant to each unique customer, was Ur & Penn’s most prominent pain point. To tackle this challenge, Ur & Penn sought to develop a robust personalization strategy that would help them remain relevant to their diverse client base online.

“If we focus on one customer segment online, we risk losing others. At the same time, we can’t risk jeopardizing our hero products and largest customer segments.”

Johanna Hagberg –  Digital Communications Manager at Ur&Penn


The heart of Ur & Penn’s personalization strategy is the use of Nosto’s Onsite Product recommendations, which ensures relevant products and content are recommended to each individual shopper on their website, in real time. The company offers personalized recommendations based on a number of factors: including a client’s browsing history, bestselling products on the store’s website and products purchased by other shopper’s within that same category.


Onsite Product Recommendations based on browsing history


Onsite Product Recommendations based on the website’s best sellers


Onsite Product recommendations based on product category


Expanding relevant customer engagement to multiple channels

Since implementing Nosto in 2014, the company has also expanded their use of AI-powered personalization to their email and social media marketing channels. On social media, the company successfully uses retargeting ads to engage their audience with products relevant to their browsing history and purchase history. Their shoppers are treated to a similar experience via email communication, where they’re notified of unpurchased products recently added to their shopping carts, recent product searches and other products relevant to their shopping preferences.              

Why Nosto?

“I can definitely trust Nosto and I would call the collaboration reliable — knowing that I can always expect a fast response and action from Nosto’s side whenever needed.”

Johanna Hagberg –  Digital Communications Manager at Ur&Penn


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