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January 2019

NRF 2019

NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show is the world’s largest conference and expo, run by the National Retail Federation and held in New York City. The numbers are impressive, with over 37,000 attendees and 700 exhibitors, and speakers from companies such as Nordstrom, The Walt Disney Company and Alibaba Group.

13 Jan - 15 Jan 2019

New York, United States

$950 - $3,275

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Webwinkel Vakdagen

Webwinkel Vakdagen is Benelux’s biggest e-commerce event, which is held annually in The Netherlands and is free to attend. It is attended by over 10,000 visitors, with 160 speaker sessions and 250 exhibitors.

24 Jan - 25 Jan 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands


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eCommerceFuel Live

eCommerceFuel Live maintains a small and select attendees list, by hand selecting guests - last year's average attendee did more than $2 million in annual sales. It’s held over three days in New Orleans, and there are two “surprise events” held in the city which are included in the ticket price.

23 Jan - 26 Jan 2019

New Orleans, United States


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West Cost Ecomerce Summit

The West Coast Ecommerce Summit is held in Los Angeles, and brings together over 200 retailers and brand professionals. Attendees include retail experts from the likes of Snapchat, L’Oreal and Dollar Shave Club.

30 Jan - 31 Jan 2019

Los Angeles, United States


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February 2019

Meet Magento India

The Indian city of Ahmedabad hosts Meet Magento India, which gives attendees the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest developments with Magento and ecommerce in general. Over 500 participants attend, including developers, retailers, and service providers.

02 Feb - 03 Feb 2019

Ahmedabad, India

₹999 - ₹1,699

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Loca Conference

The LOCA Conference is run by The Location Based Marketing Association and focuses on the very latest developments in location-based technologies and marketing. While the first day is a traditional conference, during the second participants are split into groups and taken around guided around various companies, shopping centers in and around Wiesbaden.

06 Nov - 07 Feb 2019

Wiesbaden, Germany

€110 - €790

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eCommerce Fair Tokyo

eCommerce Fair Tokyo is the first B2B trade exhibition for ecommerce retailers, and is attended by over 15,000 attendees and over 100 exhibitors. Seminar topics include Payment, Digital & Mobile Marketing, Omni-channel retailing, Delivery & Logistics, Customer Service & Customer Retention Marketing, and cross-border commerce.

07 Feb - 08 Feb 2019

Tokyo, Japan


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MagentoLive Australia

Magento Live Australia is the biggest Magento event held in Australia, bringing together Magento retailers, partners and experts for this two day event in Sydney. It’s an opportunity to find out about the latest developments and tools for the Magento platform.

12 Feb - 13 Feb 2019

Sydney, Australia

$299 - $399

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Global E-commerce Leaders Forum (GELF)

The Global eCommerce Leaders Forum (GELF) gathers in Los Angeles to discuss cross-border and international ecommerce. It’s attended by large retailers and start-up alike, across a wide range of product categories. Topics include Social Media and Influencer Sites, and Localized Customer Experiences.

13 Feb - 13 Feb 2019

Los Angeles, United States

$395 - $545

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HUBday: Future of Retail & Ecommerce

HUBday: Future of Retail & Ecommerce in Paris is the partner event to the larger New York conference. 30 speakers cover topics ranging from contactless payments to new distribution models. Attendees are encouraged to share innovations, applications and best practices from within their sector. Topics including point of sale digitalization and connected commerce. 

14 Feb - 14 Feb 2019

Paris, France

€600 - €900

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Net&Work – Die Ecommerce Messe

Net & Work is an ecommerce fair separated into four themed areas: Shopsysteme & Tools, Marketplaces & Payment, Logistics & Internationalization and Online Marketing. Held in Frankfurt, 1300 visitors come to see over 80 speakers and attend over 40 workshops.

16 Feb - 16 Feb 2019

Frankfurt, Germany

€59 - €249

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Digital Sales Summit

Hosted in Hanover’s Grand Cinema, the Digital Sales Summit focuses on providing practical advice for online retailers, including sessions on how to dominate on platforms such as Amazon and Google, the latest tax advice, and how to raise your customer value.

21 Feb - 21 Feb 2019

Hannover, Germany

€329 - €699

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eTail West

eTail West aims to bring together America’s leading retailers, to discuss growth and e-commerce strategy at this Palm Springs location. New themes for this year include Data & AI, The Future of CX, Marketing to Tomorrow’s Digital Consumer and The Evolution of Marketplaces & Globalization. 23% of attendees have buying power of $1billion or above and 15% are C-level executives.

19 Feb - 22 Feb 2019

Palm Springs, United States

$1,299 - $1,499

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Traffic & Conversion Summit

Traffic and Conversion 2019 claims to be the largest marketing event in North America, boasting over 6000 attendees and 80 speakers. Held in San Diego, it promises tested, proven tactics to increase traffic, conversions, and sales.

25 Feb - 27 Feb 2019

San Diego, United States

$1,295 - $1,995

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eTail Connect

eTail Connect EU is held in Twickenham, outside London. It is an invitation-only gathering of only 130 business leaders, and the event hosts take responsibility to delivering attendees a bespoke agenda of personalized 1:1 meetings.

27 Feb - 28 Feb 2019

London, United Kingdom


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March 2019

eTail Asia

eTail Asia is for leaders within Asian ecommerce and digital marketing. It’s the only Asian industry conference that focuses on small groups and peer-to-peer learning, with the aim of finding actionable solutions to retail’s biggest problems.

05 Mar - 07 Mar 2019

Singapore, Republic of Singapore

$999 - $1,199

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DX3 2019

Dx3 is Canada’s immersive retail, technology and marketing show. They specialize in labs and activations on the show floor, so you can see solutions in action, while also offering 5 Keynotes, 10 Deep Dives, 10 Workshops and 10 Tech Talks. A chance to learn from Canada’s most successful retailers, as well as plenty of innovations regarding the future of retail.

06 Mar - 07 Mar 2019

Toronto, Canada

$695 - $1345

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eTail Germany

eTail Germany is primarily for retailers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland looking to plan strategic growth for their business. 400 attendees from over 280 companies gather in Berlin, for this two day conference. Speakers come from companies such as QVC, Volkswagon, Nike and Microsoft Germany.

07 Mar - 08 Mar 2019

Berlin, Germany

€499 - €2,099

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eShow Barcelona

eShow Barcelona is sizable, and was last year attended by over 17,000 delegates. It targets all ecommerce retailers, as well as anyone seeking information and discussion on subjects such as digital marketing, artificial intelligence, big data or cybersecurity.

12 Mar - 13 Mar 2019

Barcelona, Spain


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One to One Retail E-Commerce

One to One Monaco is held in the most glamorous principality of the French Riviera, where 1200 guests gather annually. The focus is on digital marketing, logistics and technology, and last year, over 30 exclusive announcements were debuted at the conference.

19 Mar - 21 Mar 2019

Monaco, Principality of Monaco


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April 2019

eTail Connect

This eTail Connect event is the Miami outpost of this worldwide conference series. Set over three days, the event is limited to just 75 of North America’s most successful retailers, and the organizers promise to set-up 1:1 meetings with relevant partner and service providers for attendees.

01 Apr - 03 Apr 2019

Miami, United States


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Ecommerce & Payments Summit New York

The Ecommerce & Payments Summit New York is part of the Future Retail Festival, so attendees also have access to the Retail Leadership Summit and the AI Video Analytic Summit, held over the same few days.

02 Apr - 03 Apr 2019

New York, United States

$995 - $1,995

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NetSuite SuiteWorld

Held in Nevada’s Las Vegas, Oracle NetSuite SuiteWorld is the industry’s number one Cloud ERP event. It’s an opportunity to hear about the latest NetSuite developers and network with those in the same industry. It’s attended by over 7,500 attendees and over 125 partners in the NetSuite ecosystem.

01 Apr - 04 Apr 2019

Las Vegas, United States


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Northeast Ecommerce Summit

Atlantic City in New Jersey hosts The Northeast Ecommerce Summit, where over the 300 retailers from the Northeast gather to share, learn and evolve their ecommerce customer acquisition strategy. The event comprises 8 interactive discussion panels, Q&As with over 50 speakers and 4 hours of dedicated networking time.

03 Apr - 04 Apr 2019

Atlantic City, United States


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Meet Magento NL

Meet Magento NL is a one day session held in The Hague, The Netherlands. Over 500 Magento retailers meet to hear experts speak about everything from migration to the latest platform version to how voice interface will affect the future of ecommerce.

05 Apr - 06 Apr 2019

Utrecht, Netherlands

€125 - €250

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Digital Travel US

Digital Travel is for those in the travel, hospitality and leisure industry. The aim is to provide the information that allows those in these industries to behave more like retailers, through use of technology, enhancing customer loyalty and embracing digital strategies.

08 Apr - 10 Apr 2019

Indian Wells, United States

$899 - $3,199

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Ecommerce Operations Summit

The Ecommerce Operations Summit specializes in optimizing direct-to-consumer and omnichannel operations and fulfilment, and is held in Columbus, Ohio. Topics include warehousing and workforce management, inventory and order management, automation and systems integration, amongst many others. As well as speakers and workshops, there is the opportunity to tour a world class distribution facility.

09 Apr - 11 Apr 2019

Colombus, United States

$905 - $1,795

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Seamless Ecommerce Middle East

Seamless Middle East is a cross-sector event, bringing together experts from a variety of ecommerce areas including fintech, ecommerce solution providers, government and SME's. It is held at The Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre and is attended by over 10,000 visitors from the region and beyond.

10 Apr - 11 Apr 2019

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

$300 - $1,500

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HIDA E-Commerce Conference

The HIDA Ecommerce Conference specializes in healthcare ecommerce, and is run by the trade association The Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA) which represents medical products distribution. The collaborative conference aims to provide a space for attendees to exchange ideas and identify issues within this industry.

17 Apr - 17 Apr 2019

Orlando, United States


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Webshop Vakdagen

Webshop Vakbeurs is held in Belgium, and is free to attend. It covers a range of topics throughout the exhibition and speaker sessions, giving an overview of the solutions and opportunities to grow your e-commerce business.

25 Apr - 26 Apr 2019

Mechelen, Belgium


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May 2019

Texas eCommerce Summit

Texas eCommerce Summit brings together experts from all areas of ecommerce, including Chargeback professionals, IT Professionals, Supplychain Directors and Retailers from around the world. The event offers eight interactive discussion panels, numerous Q&As and four hours of dedicated networking time.

01 May - 01 May 2019

Texas, United States


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B2B Online

B2B Online is for ecommerce manufacturers and distributors, held in Chicago annually. Speakers include representatives from Accenture Interactive, Magento and Adobe, and plenty of networking opportunities are provided.

29 Apr - 01 May 2019

Chicago, United States

$1,299 - $3,299

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Hannover’s merchantday brands itself as an “ecommerce mega-event” and the largest Amazon conference in German-speaking countries. As well as lots of discussion about the likes of Amazon and eBay, the larger questions about managing distribution across multiple platforms and whether it’s still realistic to have your own site are also addressed.

03 May - 03 May 2019

Hannover, Germany


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eTail Canada

eTail Canada has been running for 19 years and has been getting bigger each year, and is now attended by Canada’s top brands. Topics covered include digital engagement, omnichannel experience, customer acquisition and retention strategies, usability, design and much more is all discussed at this three day event.

07 May - 09 May 2019

Toronto, Canada

$1,199 - $3,499

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Drapers Digital Festival

Drapers Digital Festival specifically focuses on fashion retail, and is organized by Drapers, the UK’s 130 years old fashion magazine. It’s a one day event, which ends with the Drapers Digital Award, crowning the best performing businesses in the industry.

15 May - 15 May 2019

London, United Kingdom

£850 - £4,400

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Sellers Summit

Sellers Summit bills itself as more of a workshop than a conference, as it’s curriculum based and focuses on sharing experiences and advice within small groups. There are two ticket types, for those with their own store and those selling on Amazon, and groups are also split into those with a similar revenue amount.

15 May - 17 May 2019

Miami, United States

$799 - $1399

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Digital Commerce Conference

Switzerland’s Digital Commerce Conference is a one day conference, with speakers covering such subjects as ‘Silver Surfers & Gen Z’, ‘Is the desktop dead?’ and ‘Amazon in China’.

22 May - 22 May 2019

Zürich, Switzerland

CHF 220 - CHF 750

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CNP Expo

CNP Expo is a dedicated Card Not Present conference, held over three days in San Francisco. It covers handling fraud, payments, and security for online transactions, through panels, merchant case studies, and industry expert keynotes.

21 May - 24 May 2019

San Francisco, United States


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eCommerce Fair Osaka

eCommerce Fair Osaka is the first B2B trade conference to be held in and focussing on Japan. Subjects covered include Customer Service & Customer Retention Marketing, Delivery & Logistics, Digital & Mobile Marketing, Cross-border commerce.

29 May - 30 May 2019

Osaka, Japan


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June 2019

3PL & Supply Chain Summit

Atlanta’s The 3PL & Supply Chain Summit is where over 800 senior supply chain and logistics executives gather to talk ecommerce. 33% of delegates are Transport & Logistics and 34% Retailers, Brands & Manufacturers. 50% are C-level decision makers, and 50% have a turnover of over $1 billion.

10 Jun - 12 Jun 2019

Atlanta, United States

$1695 - $2495

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eTail Europe

eTail Europe is held in a Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, in Central London. Speakers are from companies including Vivienne Westwood, Sainsbury’s Argos and Hello Fresh UK, and delegates come mainly from marketing, ecommerce and senior management backgrounds.

18 Jun - 19 Jun 2019

London, United Kingdom

£199 - £2,599

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ICEEG – International Conference on E-Commerce, E-businesss and E-Governement

ICEEG 2019 is held in Lyon, France and is organized by IEDRC and co-organized by INSEEC Business School. It brings together academics, scientists, researchers and students to discuss all aspects of ecommerce and egovernment.

18 Jun - 21 Jun 2019

Lyon, France

$300 - $500

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Digital Travel EU

Digital Travel EU is the European outpost of this worldwide conference targeting those in the travel and leisure industry. The focus is on optimizing the cross-channel experience, and speakers include representatives from Air France, Radisson and

25 Jun - 26 Jun 2019

London, United Kingdom


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E-Commerce Live!

E-commerce Live! Is held in The Netherlands and comprises of over 100 sessions, round tables, panels, pitches, experts and demos, as well as plenty of opportunities for networking. A second event is run simultaneously: The E-commerce Fulfillment & Logistics Conference.

26 Jun - 26 Jun 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands

€0 - €695

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September 2019

eShow Madrid

eShow Madrid is attended by over 12,000 professionals, and offers access to 150 exhibitors, more than 250 speakers, and over 400 seminars, workshops and other interactive sessions.

26 Sep - 27 Sep 2019

Madrid, Spain


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Past Conferences

Meet Magento NYC

Meet Magento New York is the largest Meet Magento conference in the US, giving delegates the chance to meet Magento engineers, developers and partners. In addition to Magento-specific events, there are plenty with a more general ecommerce focus, making this an ideal conference to learn, share and network.

01 Nov - 02 Nov 2018

New York, United States

$150 - $395

Savant eCommerce London

Savant eCommerce London puts a spotlight on the future of ecommerce, equipping visitors with the skills they need to thrive both today and in the future. There is a focus on sharing experiences and insights from other leading retailers in a wide variety of sectors. To enable frank discussion, they do not permit any media to attend the conference.

06 Nov - 07 Nov 2018

London, United Kingdom

£699 - £1,999

eCommerce Show North

Attendance is free, which is perhaps one of the reasons that Manchester’s eCSN has become the biggest e-commerce event for companies, vendors and suppliers held outside of London. With over 100 exhibitors and 1000s of attendees, the schedule covers topics such as Security, Marketing, Hosting, Payments, Analytics, Logistics, Mobile and Innovation.

06 Nov - 07 Nov 2018

Manchester, United Kingdom


Meet Magento Asia

Meet Magento Asia boasts 20 different educational sessions and 30 experts speakers, on everything from omnichannel developments to luxury ecommerce. The conference itself is held in Bangkok’s AVANI Riverside Hotel, which though on the river, is well connected to the city’s commercial, shopping and entertainment districts.

08 Nov - 08 Nov 2018

Bangkok, Thailand

$19.99 - $69.99


nopCommerce conference is held annually, this year in Las Vegas, and since it was founded by developers it has more of a technical focus than some others. It’s an opportunity to find out the latest news and updates about nopCommerce, as well as meet other nopCommerce vendors and partners to help grow your business.

08 Nov - 09 Nov 2018

Las Vegas, United States


Shopify Pursuit Melbourne

Pursuit Shopify Melbourne is the only Pursuit Shopify event to be held in the Southern Hemisphere, giving local Shopify merchants a chance to attend a series of workshops over the course of two days. Topics include ‘Defining and executing your agency’s strategy’ and ‘Scaling your business to support the enterprise merchant’.

08 Nov - 09 Nov 2018

Melbourne, Australia


Retail Global

Boasting over 75 speakers over two days, Retail Global Las Vegas was named a “A Top Ten must attend eCommerce conference in 2017” by Entrepreneur Magazine, with 89% of attendees saying they would reattend. Retail Global is for retail professionals who want actionable content, networks opportunities and to learn about the latest in retail innovation. Sessions on eBay, Facebook and Amazon feature heavily.

09 Nov - 11 Nov 2018

Las Vegas, United States


Meet Magento China

Meet Magento organizes conferences around the globe, aiming to connect everyone that works with Magento Commerce. SZ 18 is held in Schenzen, China, for Chinese retailers, partners and Magento experts.

12 Nov - 12 Nov 2018

Shenzhen, China


GPeC Summit

The GPEC SUMMIT has been running for 13 years, and is held annually in Romania, each year culminating in the The Romanian E-Commerce Awards Ceremony. Topics of the daytime speakers include User Experience, Data Analytics, SEO, Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing, Customer Satisfaction and Logistics, and ticket cost includes simultaneous translation services between Romanian and English.

12 Nov - 13 Nov 2018

Bucharest, Romania

€69 - €179