Nosto Products Overview

Product Recommendations

Recommend shoppers the most relevant products in real-time based on their unique shopping behavior for an average 15% increase in conversion.


Content Personalization

Personalize every and any element of your web store, including navigation bars, banners, videos, copy, and graphics & logos. Nosto’s clients experience an average 18% increase in Average Order Value.

Segmentation & Insights

Digital commerce-specific insights help you better understand your customers, regardless of where they are in the customer lifecycle. Automated and custom segments personalize the shopping experience even further.

Dynamic Bundles

Inspire shoppers by showcasing auto-generated visually appealing recommendations, and drive higher average order by helping them discover complete looks and products frequently purchased together.

Personalized Emails

Inspire return visits to your online store with automated, personalized emails, recommending highly relevant products. Nosto’s clients enjoy an average 20% increase in conversion versus static product recommendations.


Reduce site abandonment and create a sense of urgency with time-limited special offers and one-time discounts for an average 42% increase in conversion.

Category Merchandising

Deliver personalized category page experiences that accomplish merchandising goals. Automatically change product order and selection for each shopper to drive more discovery, engagement and revenue.

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