Nosto Products Overview

Product Recommendations

  • Guide customers through their full shopping journey from discovery to upsell
  • Use behavioral data to show the most relevant products to every shopper, every time
  • Improve product discovery by automatically surfacing the most relevant products from your catalog
  • Increase average order value with upsell and cross-sell product recommendations
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Dynamic Bundles

  • Improve upsell and cross-sell with personalized recommendations of multiple related product bundles
  • Showcase complementary products in recommendations to drive higher average order value
  • Use advanced filtering methods to create more intuitive product recommendations
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Category Merchandising

  • Deliver personalized category page experiences that accomplish merchandising goals.
  • Combine the power of personalization with control over how products are displayed on your category pages
  • Use sorting to dynamically arrange products on category pages based on multiple goals and KPIs
  • Highlight specific products in the most vital areas on category pages to address specific promotional needs
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A/B Testing & Optimization

  • Prove which personalization and merchandising strategies work
  • Test different variations of a single page element against different audience segments
  • Automatically drive traffic to the highest performing test variation as soon as a winner is identified
  • Surface insights into how different experiences affect sales for individual brands, products or segments
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Content Personalization

  • Personalize every content element on your site to drive more conversions and a better brand experience
  • Nosto uses customer behavioral data to personalize onsite content based on shopper affinities and interests
  • Increase onsite engagement with imagery personalized to shopper behavior and preference
  • Improve conversion rate with personalized messaging and calls-to-action
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Catalog Explorer

  • Be confident in your decision making: use data to back up your catalog and marketing strategy
  • Use product performance data to build product exposure strategies your customers respond to
  • Leverage new trends and opportunities to fuel your marketing and customer acquisition campaigns
  • Optimize gains and minimize risks associated with inventory lifecycle management
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Segmentation & Insights

  • Segment your shoppers based on behavior and predicted conversion for better targeting and delivery of personalized experiences.
  • Great commerce experiences rely on effective customer segmentation based on behaviors, demographics, and affinities.
  • Increase revenue by using segments to create highly relevant experiences for every shopper
  • Use segments across the full suite of Nosto products to create consistent, personalized shopping journeys
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Personalized Emails

  • Deliver personalized emails that showcase relevant products, increase clickthrough, and drive purchases
  • Use behavioral cues to automate timely, relevant emails and include personalized recommendations to increase engagement
  • Increase customer lifetime value by delivering emails with tailored messaging triggered by specific behaviors
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  • Convert more visitors with compelling offers delivered via behaviorally triggered pop-ups and overlays
  • Leverage the power of machine learning to deliver personalized pop-ups and overlays that convert
  • Build pop-ups and overlays using a complete set of behavioral triggers
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