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Enterprise Personalization for Fashion and Beauty Retailers

An enhanced AI-powered personalization offering that meets the needs of the world’s largest fashion and beauty retailers.

Deliver a unified omnichannel experience designed specifically for fashion retailers and consumers

Nosto’s new Enterprise Fashion solution combines the power of Nosto’s AI-powered personalization with new capabilities demanded by the world’s biggest retailers. Discover the power of omnichannel integration of offline and online data using GraphQL technology, advanced dynamic bundling to create an infinite amount of shoppable “looks”, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge support. These capabilities, on top of Nosto’s market-leading product recommendations, advanced segmentation, and content personalization across mobile, web, email, and social ads, create the ultimate personalized shopping experience for consumers worldwide.

Enhanced capabilities for Fashion Retailers

Dynamic Bundles

Offer an enhanced visual shopping experiences to customers by manually or automatically creating product collections that pair well together: from deploying “Shop the Look” recommendations (a highly demanded functionality for leading fashion retailers) to mixing and matching products across multiple categories.

In-store and Mobile Personalization

Connect your bricks and mortar transactional data and shopper interactions with your onsite behavioral data and transactional data to deliver the omnichannel shopping experiences your customers expect. Additionally, retailers who have their own mobile app, progressive web app, or single page app can personalize the shopping experience directly inside the app — including product recommendations, content and pop-ups.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge

Nosto’s certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge provides an easy and fast deployment for online fashion stores. By combining the powers of Nosto and SFCC platforms, your shoppers can enjoy fully personalized omnichannel shopping experiences across every digital touchpoint.

Enhancing the Core of Nosto’s AI-Driven Personalization Platform

Onsite Product Recommendations

Our best-in-class product recommendations are now available in mobile apps – harnessing an even greater range of data from in-store interactions to extend the personalization journey. Enhanced capabilities allow you to match certain brands, materials and colors, as well as increase up-sell based on revenue or margin —- a critical component for fashion and beauty retailers.


Onsite Pop-ups

Using Nosto’s AI and advanced segmentation capabilities, enhance the conversion power of pop-up offers to target specific subsets of users and cart abandoners across the onsite experience. Retailers who have their own mobile app, progressive web app, or single page app can personalize these pop-ups – and the customer experience – directly inside the app.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Nosto’s advanced Segments & Insights for Enterprise retailers help take your personalized, dynamic Facebook and Instagram Ads to the next level: from creating highly accurate lookalike audiences for prospect clients to instant re-targeting ads for existing customers.

Personalized Emails

Personalized Emails

Recommend highly relevant products via dynamic content across a variety of transactional emails: order confirmation emails, abandoned cart emails to help convert indecisive customers, as well as  “We Miss You” emails that help re-engage customers who have not visited your online store in some time.

Onsite Content Personalization

Onsite Content Personalization

With Nosto’s Onsite Content Personalization, Enterprise fashion retailers can now customize an entire webstore using comprehensive segments and “Shop the Look”-style Dynamic Bundles  — creating even more relevant and visual shopping experiences.

Segmentation & Insights

Segmentation & Insights

Nosto’s segmentation capabilities — based on both real-time behavioral data and transactional data now provide a 360-degree view of the customer that spans beyond their online journey. This offering is available to all Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers.

In-Store Personalization

Increase shopping engagement and omnichannel personalization by leveraging both in-store and onsite data.

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Mobile App Personalization

Have your own native mobile app, progressive web app, or single page app? Personalize the shopping experience directly inside the app, including content, product recommendations, and pop-ups.

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AI-powered Ecommerce Intelligence Engine

At the heart of all our products is our Ecommerce Intelligence Engine. Our product recommendation engine uses advanced machine learning algorithms to predict and automatically deliver the most relevant shopping experiences in real-time, as well as to increase customer engagement and order value and maximize revenue potential for retailers.

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