Behind our great success is an even greater company culture.

The people

At Nosto, our people are the force behind what we do and how well we do it. We’re a team of self-motivated, compassionate individuals who build each other up, set our goals high and never forget to have some fun on our way to the top.

We believe that great work is born out of passion. Our three founders are – and have always been – passionate about ecommerce. This same passion can be seen in our team of 120+ ecommerce experts who empower the world’s top brands to provide unforgettable commerce experiences.

Our Values

How we approach success

the way we work
At Nosto, we believe in working together to reach a common goal. To quote a certain basketball legend: "Talent can win games, but teamwork will win championships."
work-life synergy
Personal and professional life should be more than just a ‘balance’. We encourage our team to use the passions and interests they pursue outside the office to fuel their motivation, stay focused, and build connections with colleagues that aren’t solely centered around work.
Company Resources

Planning for anything after the year that changed everything 〰️ Join Zehner's Chief Design Officer, Mick McCarthy, and Nosto's General Manager, Jan Soerensen, on Thursday, Jan 28th as part of Nosto’s Connect Commerce series. Sign-up to attend the webinar live and to get on-demand access to a recording at the link in bio! ...

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Throwback Thursday -The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4 by Sue Townsend
I thought this book was amazing and hilarious as a teenager ,read it a few times.I used to reread books when I was younger but can’t reread books now.
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Celebrating our friendship with a company paid dinner 😍 So perfect! Nosto would not be as great without you there Titti! #nostolife ...

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