Our culture is why Nostonians feel at home

The people

Our people are our biggest asset, so, of course, the Nostonian culture starts there. 

As a team of self-motivated, compassionate individuals who all get excited to make shopping just a little bit more fun, we set our goals high and we always make sure to have some fun on our way to reach them. 

We believe that all great work is born out of passion. Our three founders are, and have always been, passionate about the ecommerce experience and what it means to people. This passion is spread throughout the organization and it shows when all 120+ of us put our efforts together to help online retailers and ecommerce brands provide experiences that make shopping more enjoyable for everyone.

Our Values

Succeed Together

At Nosto, we believe in working together to reach a common goal. To quote a certain basketball legend, "Talent can win games, but teamwork will win championships."

Accomplish Daily

We prefer to tackle challenges as small achievable pieces rather than one work-in-progress. Our product is never finished, and through incremental achievements, we accomplish greater things.

Innovate Fearlessly

The internet is always changing - thus, so are we. Just because something hasn't been done doesn't mean it can’t be. At Nosto we innovate fearlessly. Every day.

Have Fun

Yes, we're professionals who love a good challenge, but we also love to have fun while doing it. We get a kick out of what we do and celebrate our achievements and appreciate our failures.

Empower Others

Our customers are always placed at the very heart of what we do. Our ability to deliver on our promise is important to us, and what we do to help our clients is paramount to how we measure our success.

Be Personal

We are people. Our clients are people and their clients are people. We believe making the world, and especially ecommerce, about people is what it's all about.
Life at Nosto through the eyes of Nostonians

Celebrating our friendship with a company paid dinner 😍 So perfect! Nosto would not be as great without you there Titti! #nostolife ...

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Our company offsite in full swing in Barcelona. Here’s one group solving a puzzle in the Nosto Challenge 😎💪
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