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Founded in 2004 in London, Knomo’s mission is to meet the need of the ever-growing digital nomad community, by providing best-in-class carrying solutions, that don’t compromise on style. The name derives from KNOwledge and MObility, which is reflected in the products - intelligent structure to help organize one’s life, wherever it may be. Knowledge is also engrained in the unique MyKnomo ID each item has, allowing its owners to find it again and continue on their journey.

Since going live with Nosto,
Knomo has seen:


increase in


increase in the
average order value


Return on Ad Spend
with Facebook


The biggest challenge Knomo dealt with online was the low amount of products bought per transaction. In addition, they were aiming to lower their bounce rate and looking for a solution that could be implemented quickly and that was self-customizable. This was solved by adding personalized product recommendations throughout the online journey and using behavorial pop-ups for cart abandoners and following up with a Facebook Ad or triggered email. As a consequence, site engagement and conversion rates were improved.



Completely new clients are presented with real-time bestsellers, localized to each market Knomo operates in.

Onsite Product Recommendations

Individual visitors are recognized and presented with product recommendations personalized to their buying preferences. The results have shown a 16% increase in Average Order Value.

Onsite Pop-ups

Knomo have self-customised their pop-ups to target visitors who have a specific basket size but are abandoning their cart. As a result, they have experienced a 60% increase in conversion.

Facebook Ads

Visitors who abandon their cart on the Knomo webstore are retargeted through Facebook Ads which has led to a 10x Return on Ad Spend.

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