NiceHair leverages Nosto
and Facebook for personalization

About is Denmark’s largest online retailer of beauty and cosmetics products and has a significant presence in four foreign markets under the company name, “NiceBeauty”. Their growth plans include expanding to even more foreign markets while strengthening their presence in Denmark.

Since going live with Nosto,
NiceHair has seen:


Return on Ad Spend


additional purchases per month


increase in basket size
(based on Onsite Product Recommendations)


Prior to being introduced to Nosto, NiceHair was running unoptimized dynamic product ads. While their ad results were adequate, they (rightfully so) were not inspired to increase their Facebook ad spend. Nosto’s team stepped in to help change that.



Re-targeting campaigns were based on Website Custom Audiences


Prospecting campaigns based on Lookalike audiences automatically generated by Nosto

Purchase Conversion and oCPM

All campaigns used purchase conversion as the objective and oCPM (Optimized Cost Per Mille) as the Bidding Type

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences were optimized for product page view, using also oCPMas bidding type

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