69% of today’s ecommerce shoppers head straight to the search bar, but 80% then leave due to a poor search experience…

Create hyper-relevant search experiences that bolster online revenue

Transform your ecommerce search with an AI-powered solution that helps you capitalize on high-intent shoppers—delivering streamlined search experiences that drive greater conversions, loyalty, and more. See key features
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Why Nosto’s Search?

Have peace of mind knowing all product data will remain constantly up-to-date

Rest assured knowing that all your product data – such as SKUs, price, availability, and more – will be continuously synched to Nosto and reflected in your search in real-time. No more out-of-stock products appearing in stock, or items displaying at the wrong price.

Access comprehensive business intelligence to create effective, data-driven search

Our rich Business Intelligence tooling pools product, content, and audience data, so you can build informed targeting strategies that push the right products to the right people at the right time.

Create hyper-relevant search experiences through advanced personalization capabilities

Tailor search results to individual shoppers or audience segments, based on their affinities, purchase history and more, ensuring you’re serving the most relevant results that shoppers are likely to convert on.

Utilise powerful merchandising logic and smart global rules to reduce manual effort

Ensure search results aren’t only relevant, but meet specific business goals in accordance with stock levels, CR, margin, and more. Plus, apply global merchandising rules in a single click to promote or demote products, amplifying conversions.

Glean from dedicated CSMs with strong
retail merchandising experience

Regardless of your team’s size or skillset, you’ll have access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager that brings a wealth of retail merchandising experience to benefit from, and offers a partnership that seamlessly aligns with your needs.

Enjoy flexible implementation options & easily
your setup

Customize your search setup with ease, using Nosto’s frontend code editor, or leverage our API. Rest assured your search experience can align with any branding and UX needs you may require.

Optimize your search experience for maximum
performance, with A/B testing

Safely iterate your ranking and merchandising rules to maximize search performance, with A/B testing that automatically sends traffic towards winning variations the minute statistical relevance is shown.

Achieve more, faster, and smarter with Nosto’s powerful AI engine

Nosto’s AI engine leverages Semantic.AI, incorporating NLP, LLM, vector search, and self-learning algorithms continuously trained from user behaviors to interpret the most complex of search queries and appreciate true user intent.

Influence the entire commerce experience with high-intent search data

Capture valuable data from search users and use it to personalize their entire experience through an array of Nosto modules, from Content Personalization to Behavioural Pop-ups. Plus, extrapolate merchandising rules from Search to Product Recommendations and category pages in a single click.

Join the winning retailers powering revenue with
Nosto’s Personalized Search

JOTT doubles conversions with Nosto’s Personalized Search

“The ease of use of Nosto’s interface allows the JOTT team to quickly increase their skills, giving them an immediate preview of merchandising changes on the platform.”

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Perry Ellis uses segmentation to personalize search results

“This advanced capability of segmentation helped us optimize the search experience. We don’t want to frustrate customers, we want to show deals that are actually available.”

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A.L.C doubles CVR on search pages using merchandising rules

“Being able to leverage AI is best. We don’t have to manually change anything. We worked closely with the Nosto team and the client management is off the charts.”

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