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Why Nosto to supercharge your Magento store?
  1. Nosto complements Magento’s core capabilities by automating the delivery of personalized product recommendations ensuring real-time personalized shopping experiences for your customers.
  2. Nosto significantly reduces the manual work required to set up and manage recommendations for e.g. dynamic upselling, cross selling and best sellers, and offers a wide variety of filtering possibilities.
  3. Nosto allows Magento retailers to attract, convert and retain customers and brings all the data gathered from hunderds of touchpoints in your store to one hub – the Nosto dashboard. This ensures your rich data isn’t being locked away in silos, but is accessible, transparent and actionable.
  4. Nosto provides a seamless connection between Magento and Facebook that not only allows you to get easily started delivering personalized Facebook and Instagram Ads, but continuously optimizes your campaigns for maximal ROAS.
  5. As a Magento Premier Technology partner, Nosto adheres to Magento’s latest code quality standards and offers a trustworthy, easy, and seamless solution for eCommerce professionals on Magento.
  6. Nosto integrates with Magento’s other preferred technology partners and offers out-of-the-box support for e.g. multi-currency setups, multiple sites and ratings & reviews.
  7. Our ecommerce specialists have experience working with hundreds of Magento stores globally and our global partner network encompasses top Magento Solution partners and agencies specialized in Magento setups.
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