Lifestyle brands transcend the typical ecommerce strategy...

by teaming up with influencers who embody their brand’s values and messaging, these brands have the power to effortlessly attract consumers by the millions with only a simple tweet or Instagram post.

But with great power comes an even greater responsibility: to offer only the most relevant experiences to these shoppers from the moment they discover your brand right down to purchase - and beyond.

And How to Solve Them

01Evolving a brand from low value clicks to high value conversions

Lifestyle brands leverage influencer power to attract a high volume of ‘free’ traffic to their ecommerce stores. While this is an advantage in terms of exposure, the downside is that the value of each click is fairly low - which does little for conversions. As a result, these brands invest heavily in conversion rate optimization tools and strategies to boost performance.


By investing in a CRO solution that leverages big data in real time, brands can deliver completely personalized shopping experiences that transform one-off clicks into a loyal (and growing) customer base.

UNIF Clothing uses a combination of influencer images and product recommendations to create the ultimate shopping experience online. Customers have the ability to see how products are worn by influencers on Instagram. They can then shop for similar styles and accessories to craft the perfect look - all possible by actioning data in real-time to streamline what products they’re shown as they browse.

Replicating an influencer’s ability to build personal connections to fans, onsite (and at scale)02

Online shoppers often turn to influencers for retail inspiration - allowing them to build personal connections with shoppers that go beyond promoting a product. Creating those same connections in-store requires a deep understanding of what customers are truly interested in seeing, at any point in their journey.


Use valuable, ecommerce-specific insights to better understand shoppers, regardless of where they are in their journey, to stay personal and relevant.

Windsor Store’s “Shop This Look” feature connects shoppers to looks worn by influencers on their Instagram account. The experience is then taken to the next level by offering personalized product recommendations similar to these looks - which helps build trust with the shopper and boosts average order value in the process.

03Delivering an absolutely frictionless shopping experience from prospect to purchase

Younger audiences in the lifestyle world expect brands to understand their interests and immediately deliver on them. While influencer marketing goes a long way in building brand loyalty, a non-personalized shopping experience can ruin any efforts of nurturing new store visitors into forever customers.


By harnessing the power of machine learning, lifestyle brands can seamlessly recommend only the products which are relevant to a customer - leading to higher average order value and faster conversions.

For Love and Lemons uses multiple personalization strategies to appeal to shoppers’ interests, including a ‘Complete This Look’ section on Product pages for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, as well as product recommendations based on real-time behavioral data.

Brands who’ve leveraged Nosto to deliver personalization have seen…


increase in onsite pages viewed


increase in click through rate


higher average order value


At Love & Lemons we strive for a personal touch across all channels. With more than 2.9 million followers and counting, we needed a scalable approach to personalization on and off our ecommerce store. Since going live with Nosto, the results speak for themselves: 5x valuable site traffic and 15% increase in average order value. Working with Nosto has taken the guesswork out of automation."

Katy Gross | Digital/Ecommerce Manager, For Love & Lemons

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Personalization at scale: strong infrastructure for stronger performance

Influential lifestyle brands experience immense traffic peaks during product launches, flash sales and the holiday season - all of which require an incredibly solid infrastructure to satisfy demand and drive results.

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