Hydrogen is here!

Shopify’s answer to headless commerce has arrived: a new framework built on React JS, revolutionizing how brands can build custom storefronts on the Shopify platform. As a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner, Nosto has been selected as a preferred recommended solution for this new headless commerce stack.

Say hello to the Hydrogen X Nosto integration

Enabling ultra-dynamic shopping experiences without jeopardizing performance, Hydrogen launches with a select list of technologies already equipped to deliver—and we’re one of them. Our Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) integrates with Hydrogen and is available immediately for all merchants globally. This means you can migrate to a headless Hydrogen stack with complete confidence that you don’t have to sacrifice on-site personalization, a crucial aspect of delivering authentic and relevant commerce experiences.

Nosto Shopify Plus

Here's what you need
to know about Hydrogen

“Nosto, a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner, is a highly performant, consistently reliable, and popular commerce experience platform solution among many of our merchants. Using Nosto with a Hydrogen-powered custom storefront on Shopify will empower merchants to build engaging, personalized customer experiences with bleeding-edge performance.”

Ben Sehl, Senior Product Lead, Shopify

We can help you build personalized commerce experiences on Shopify's Hydrogen