The Definitive Guide to a Supercharged Magento Store

By Magento Premier Technology Partners


In 2016, an estimated $101 billion in digital commerce sales were processed through the Magento platform, which means that there’s an enormous amount of digital commerce data available to help you optimize your online business. Understanding how customers behave on Magento powered stores, and how that behavioral data can be made actionable, is key for growing your business.

That’s why we’ve created this guide.

Powering your online store with Magento gives you access to a world of resources, and connects you to an ecosystem unrivaled by any other platform provider.

This guide is brought to you by members of that expansive ecosystem – Magento Premier Technology Partners.

Each Magento Premier Technology Partner is an expert in their field and provides cutting-edge technology that helps you extend the core capabilities of Magento Commerce. Through personalization, shipping, search, email marketing, payments, and more, these technology providers help you supercharge your Magento-powered store to increase sales revenue and business growth.

In this guide you’ll learn about the opportunities provided by the Magento ecosystem in empowering your business growth. You’ll find customer behavior data, real-life examples and actionable next steps, to take you all the way from theory to execution.

The result? One supercharged Magento store.

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