Personalized coupon bottom banner

Offer a coupon or discount in the bottom right or left corner of any page in order to convince hesitant shoppers that it’s worth purchasing…

Stacked PDP product recommendations

Assuming you understand a shopper completely can come off as arrogant. The filtering option you use to merchandise you recommendations might not always be the…

PDP Dynamic Bundle

Recommendation merchandising is the act of specifiying different filtering roles for each product recommendation slot to achieve a specific overarching goal. Offering recommendations that complete…

Category merchandising based on brand and margin

Accomplish multiple goals using multiple sequence filters that promote products based on multiple performance metrics and attributes. Category merchandising allows you to create dynamic category…

Personalized banner content

Offer the latest and greatest with personalized banners that take into account what each shopper is interested in. Tie different offers to each segment in…

Personalized payment options

Payment options can be make or break for a lot of shoppers. The difference between paying fully in the moment or having 4 equal payments…

Discount category page highlights

Showcasing your current discounts is one of the most important merchandising moves you can make. Using Category Merchandising, you can highlight discounted products to ensure…

Cart page product recommendations

Increase average order value by recommending merchandized and personalized products that are often purchased with the in-cart products. By giving a last minute peek of…

404 page product recommendations

Turn a dead end into an opportunity by offering personalized product recommendations that lead a shopper back into product detail pages that are of interest…

Homepage email collection pop-up

Offer a personalized experience right from the get-go by asking shoppers to submit their email right on the homepage. Capturing a shopper’s email right when…

Abandon cart pop-up

Stop shoppers from navigating away from their filled cart with a last-ditch effort message that shares with them a personalized discount or offer. Personalized ecommerce…

Selection PDP product recommendations

Personalized ecommerce experiences are about relevant options. Deliver a selection of product recommendations with different filtering options; showcase both the previous products the shopper has…

Custom homepage product recommendations

At the core of ecommerce personalization is product recommendations, and the first recommendations you deliver are your first impression with a customer. Offering merchandised product…

Standard PDP add to cart pop-up

Give shoppers that extra push on your product detail pages with a personalized add-to-cart pop-up that showcases a discount or reminds them of free shipping….


Volcom uses the power of Nosto to create fully personalized and segmented experiences on Shopify.

Pura Vida Bracelets

How one accessory brand increases community support through personalized digital experiences


Leveraging the power of Nosto on Shopify Plus to automate + customize the shopping experience

Ur & Penn

Ur & Penn use Nosto’s Onsite Product Recommendations to appeal to a wide audience, and still provide a unique experience to each individual.

Smythson of Bond Street

Smythson increased their onsite conversion rate and lifted average order value by implementing highly personalised product recommendations supported by personalised pop-ups built to ensure shoppers were aware of all relevant deals.


Learn how Cordings used Nosto’s easy-to-implement solutions to increase their conversions by 41% over the summer sale season.

Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley has used Nosto’s easy-to-implement A/B Testing & Optimization to improve their conversion rate and increase their revenue per visitor.


dunhill and Nosto deliver fully personalised online experiences to drive sales of new clothing capsule collection.

Fashion Bunker

Fashion Bunker used Nosto’s new A/B Testing & Optimization tool to test how individual segments react to different product page recommendation variations. Using this tool, they’ve achieved a 16% increase in conversions of first-time visitors and a 6% lift in click-through rate.

Melvin & Hamilton

Using Nosto and Styla, Melvin & Hamilton focuses on optimizing the shopping experience for its customers with a modern personalization strategy and engaging content.

Woodhouse Clothing

Since 1975, Woodhouse has been paving the way for modern menswear. Now a premium online retailer, their unique portfolio of over 50 brands includes BOSS and Armani, alongside new and niche brands, such as C.P. Company, Albam and Wood Wood. Forty years on, Woodhouse still embodies its original values, housing only the best brands on the global market, with the aim of bringing that personal touch back to the world of retail.

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