Webinar: Introducing A/B Testing & Optimization with Nosto

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Introducing A/B Testing & Optimization with Nosto

Many retailers in ecommerce are already familiar with the concept of A/B testing: whether it's testing outbound marketing strategies like the subject line in an email or the image in a social ad. However, applying those testing practices to the world of site optimization can be challenging and is often ignored because of this.

With A/B Testing & Optimization, we're doing away with this challenge by putting expert tooling in the hands of the retailer. From homepage banners to product page recommendations, it is now possible to test across every element on every page of a website.

Tune in as Nosto and lifestyle brand Cynthia Rowley showcase how A/B Testing & Optimization helps retailers:

  • Successfully run tests across every element on every page of a website
  • Continuously optimize tests to prevent poor-performing site experiences
  • Surface valuable metrics to truly understand how onsite testing affects the sales of individual brands and products.
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Our Speakers

Matthew Levin
Global Head of Marketing, Nosto

Elliott Moore
Product Marketing, Nosto

Emily Andrews
Director of E-commerce, Cynthia Rowley