How UGC is evolving travel marketing in 2023

Damien Mahoney Chief Strategy Officer

at Nosto
Griffin Mayhew Senior Manager of Customer Success

at Nosto

In this webinar, led by two UGC experts, we’ll cover: 

  • Why the average growth in authentic visuals per campaign is +$7,900
  • How you can save 65% in content cost production with visual UGC
  • How AI drives efficiency and saves travel marketers time
  • How to smooth the path to booking with shoppable UGC
  • How UGC builds your brand and helps team retention
  • Why you should utilize UGC as source of travel business intelligence
  • How brands like The Leading Hotels of the World saw an increase of 30% in online sales, 8% in email CTR, and 11x ROI by using UGC