Build custom revenue-generating audience segments based on real‑time behavioral and transactional data for hyper‑targeted commerce experiences.
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Increase revenue with dynamic customer segmentation

Create lucrative shopper segments for impactful personalization

Increase revenue by targeting customer segments with personalized campaigns, delivering highly relevant experiences that resonate with shoppers, across their full on-site journey.

Boost CVR by letting AI help you catch shoppers at the right moment

Leverage AI to identify segments of shoppers with the highest likelihood to purchase and to detect the likes of affinities for timely campaigns that improve engagement and conversions.

Export shopper segments to power
highly-relevant offsite experiences

Utilize segments in the likes of your paid ads, emails, and more, to create a cohesive, personalized customer journey, and watch your offsite channel performance, including ROAS, soar.

Direct your efforts towards campaigns that truly impact your bottom line

Compare your segments’ performance metrics and easily identify at-risk groups, as well as those with the highest potential, so you can focus on personalization strategies that drive the best results.

Get predicted performance of newly-created segments to assess their value

Evaluate the potential of any prospective segments with our key metric predictions, such as audience size, CVR, or AOV, so you can direct effort segments likely to yield the best results.

Earn more revenue with Nosto-powered
commerce experiences

4x increase in CVR by shortening the path to purchase

“The more we can personalize the experience, the more we can understand who the shopper is and what’s going to help them convert and find something they love. That’s why we invested in Nosto in the first place.”

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100% increase in category page conversions

“Aside from the actual technology, and how that’s performing, our CSM is great, and her knowledge is fantastic…everyone I’ve ever spoken to at Nosto has been lovely, has gone above and beyond, and has been efficient at getting things done”

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28% increase in click through rate for top segments

“I find that one of Nosto’s great qualities is that it is very straightforward to use, much more user-friendly than other programs I’ve worked with. The recommendations especially are really easy to use; they’re great and you don’t have to meddle in the rules.”

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Intelligent personalization
experiences start
with a CXP

Create hyper-relevant commerce experiences with a CXP that combines cutting-edge search, merchandising and personalization capabilities

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Product Release Enhance Offsite Experiences: Automated Segment Export

Nosto’s Automated Segment Export capability allows ESPs, CDPs, CRMs, and various other standard technologies to automatically export Nosto segments to use for their own purposes.

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Product Release New Targeting Options for Advanced Segmentation

With Nosto’s new targeting options, you can segment your shoppers better than ever before—so you can stop leaving money on the table, invest in more strategic customer targeting and put your customers on the fast(er) track to checkout.

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“Nosto’s customer support couldn’t be better, our success manager is knowledgeable, attentive, and is always prepared to discuss better ways to optimize our brands.”

Exceptional support
and user‑friendly experience

“Nosto is an outstanding platform that exceeds expectations. Their exceptional customer support ensures prompt assistance, while the user-friendly interface simplifies everything.”

Truly amazing customer support

“We appreciate that the Nosto team is always available for us, from bi-weekly status calls to any one-off questions that come up. Their team has always supported us!”

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