Visual AI
for commerce

Visual AI uses advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically identify objects, scenes, events, emotions, styles, colors, patterns, and more within visual content, turning them into machine-readable datasets. This visual data is readily available to enhance your product recommendations and personalization strategies based on visual similarities and streamline UGC curation through automatic tagging.
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Boost product discovery with Visual AI

More relevant and authentic product recommendations

Recommending and identifying products based on their visual appearance, including style, patterns, and colors, enhances the recommendation by showcasing products that match the affinity of the user or ignite their interest toward other styles of products, ultimately driving higher conversions.

Curate and deliver dynamic product content and UGC at scale

Visual AI streamlines the manual content curation process by detecting objects, events, emotions, and more within your visual content. It then automatically applies tags, enriching the content with metadata, meaning faster content search and quicker publishing.

Save time and manual effort with automated product tagging

Visual AI automatically detects and matches products based on primary colors, eliminating the need for manual tagging. This is particularly useful for large content catalogs looking to leverage this attribute.