Our AI is made up of four key competencies: Predictive AI, Semantic AI, Visual AI, and Generative AI. This AI engine powers every feature of the CXP so you can achieve more, faster and smarter. The AI serves as your best ally, automating repetitive tasks and streamlining tedious workflows, while delivering intelligent commerce experiences that drive growth.
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Predictive AI analyzes, tests, and automates operations from large data, while semantic AI helps understand and contextualize for human-like, conversational search responsiveness. Meanwhile, Visual AI finds, recognizes and sorts images to streamline UGC and content campaigns, and Generative AI augments, enhances, and streamlines for improved efficiencies across the entire CXP.

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Article Ecommerce Machine Learning Explained

Explore the transformative impact of machine learning on ecommerce, discussing personalized shopping experiences, dynamic pricing, and AI-driven strategies to enhance customer engagement and optimize online retail performance.

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Product Release Innovations with Generative AI: Superior Commerce Experiences

We’ve closely followed the advancements in generative AI and are thrilled to introduce our first generative AI-powered innovations at Nosto: Generative Synonyms and Generative Copy for product recommendation

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