Get a configurable view of your full product and catalog’s real-time performance, so you can make strategic, data-driven decisions and grow smarter.
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Inform campaign creation with rich product insights

Easily sort, filter, and configure data to establish precise, actionable product lists

Access all the performance data you need on your products & catalog, and leverage 30+ filters to create refined product lists and export results to a downloadable report.

Make data‑driven decisions that are geared toward product performance

Easily distinguish top-performing products from slow movers and take strategic action such as featuring trending items within campaigns, applying discounts to slow‑movers, and optimizing stock levels for fast‑selling products.

Illuminate potential errors within your product catalog data to quickly rectify

Spot abnormalities within product data, eliminating the need for time‑consuming inquiries. Proactively detect issues such as missing images or broken links that could be impacting product performance.

See how different products perform together
to inform further marketing

Explore the relationships between your products, such as items that are visually similar, often viewed, or purchased together, and use this insight to inform your marketing and merchandising strategies.

Earn more revenue with Nosto-powered
commerce experiences

100% increase in category page conversions

“We also ensured that the products shown are ones which are in stock, performing well and are available in a shopper’s preferred size, so we’re not wasting anyone’s time.”

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70% increase in conversion rate by personalizing shopper experience

“I invest a lot of my time going through Catalog Explorer… just going through for example what stock has heaps of inventory but has a really poor sales velocity. So Nosto displays that pretty clearly to us”

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25% increase in conversion rate for search users

“We trust this technology to cut through our catalog and deliver the most relevant experiences for our customers. With Nosto’s Search, everything we expect to appear for given queries, appears.”

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Intelligent commerce
experiences start
with a CXP

Create hyper-relevant commerce experiences with a CXP that combines cutting-edge search, merchandising and personalization capabilities

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Product Release What’s New in Nosto: Data Extractor

An innovative tool in Nosto’s platform designed to help you unlock the full potential of your product data. With Data Extractor, you can quickly and easily manipulate your catalog data to optimize your site’s search experience. And that’s just the beginning!

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Article How to Use Nosto to Save $1M+

It may seem counterintuitive that spending more money can decrease total costs, but, with a platform like Nosto’s, you can actualize significant cost savings when applied intelligently. Here’s how.

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Amazing ecomm tool
& customer support

“Nosto’s customer support couldn’t be better, our success manager is knowledgeable, attentive, and is always prepared to discuss better ways to optimize our brands.”

Exceptional support
and user‑friendly experience

“Nosto is an outstanding platform that exceeds expectations. Their exceptional customer support ensures prompt assistance, while the user-friendly interface simplifies everything.”

Truly amazing customer support

“We appreciate that the Nosto team is always available for us, from bi-weekly status calls to any one-off questions that come up. Their team has always supported us!”

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