Powered by experience.AI™, our Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) gives you a set of tools rooted in automation and AI that are designed to action your customer, product, and content data to increase online revenue through end-to-end commerce experience management.
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Create personalized product
& content experiences

AI-fueled segmentation, search, merchandising, and personalization built for commerce so you can deliver 121 experiences for every single customer.

Make customers
love buying
from you

Understand customer wants
and needs better

Achieve relevancy through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-time data activation, enabling deep customer understanding that allows you to personalize the entire onsite customer experience.

Optimize and unify the
commerce experience

We provide a performance-driven CXP that improves key areas of the commerce experience to build memorable customer relationships, optimized for business outcomes that create revenue and improve ROAS.

Scale performance and
improve efficiencies

Unleash the power of artificial intelligence across key places in the commerce experience such as search, merchandising, personalization, segmentation, and UGC—without sacrificing user control and shortening time to value with a platform that’s built for agility, ease of use, and speed.

Capture intent-rich data
everywhere, use it anywhere
within the commerce experience


Combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence, critical business intelligence, and dynamic audience segmentation and targeting, experience.AI™ is the epicenter of our Commerce Experience Platform. experience.AI™ collects and unifies rich intent data everywhere and processes it in a single engine so that brands can use it anywhere in the commerce experience.

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Product Experience Cloud

Take your product experience campaigns from idea to execution with Personalized Search, Category Merchandising, Product Recommendations, Dynamic Bundles, and Personalized Emails. Our Product Experience Cloud gives you the tools to put dynamic product discovery at the heart of your store.

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Content Experience Cloud

Dynamically personalize content and images to improve relevancy and authenticity with our Content Experience Cloud. Take your content campaigns to new levels of performance with Content Personalization, Pop-Ups, UGC Publisher Center, and Ambassador Builder.

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100s+ robust integrations

Bring together all your commerce data in a single, real-time engine with open APIs and 100s of integrations. Whether integrations with global commerce platforms, new technologies, or tried-and-trusted tools, integrations are a breeze within our CXP.

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Earn more revenue with Nosto-powered
commerce experiences

Personalized Search

“We worked very closely with the Nosto team to determine our look and feel, and the client management is off the charts. Overall, it took less than a month to get Search up. That, and there wasn’t any undue burden or stress on our development resources.”

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Product Recommendations

“We always find Nosto to be far more intuitive to our needs and proactive. Our Customer Success Manager comes to us with ideas and we always have confidence in them.”

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Category Merchandising

“Merchandising helps us ensure that the first products people see are those they’re most interested in. They’ll also be products in stock, performing well and available in the size they want, so we’re not wasting shoppers’ time.”

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Artificial Intelligence for
commerce brands

Predictive AI

Analyze, test, automate
Use machine learning, predictive intelligence and data modelling to analyze huge volumes of customer behavioral data (such as past purchases, search history, and affinities) all within a single real-time data engine in order to spot patterns and predict future behavior and preferences.
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Semantic AI

Understand, contextualise, connect
Bridge the gap between human communication and machine understanding, allowing you to comprehend and interpret the most complex and abstract customer queries and intent with greater accuracy resulting in improved on‑site product and content discovery experiences.
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Visual AI

Find, recognize, sort
Analyze images and turn them into machine-readable datasets by automatically organizing and categorizing them with tags that describe attributes within the image such as relevant objects, people, colors, and styles. Enhance personalization strategies based on visual similarities and streamline UGC curation.
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Generative AI

Augment, enhance, streamline
We integrate with generative AI technologies such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT to bring the latest developments into our CXP and enrich its features and functionality. With generative AI at its core and augmenting with native CXP functionality, you can streamline processes and improve performance.
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