Semantic AI
for commerce

Semantic AI, incorporating natural language processing (NLP), large language models (LLM), vector search, and self-learning algorithms continuously trained from user behaviors, bridges the gap between human communication and machine understanding. This technology empowers brands to interpret even the most complex queries and customer intent, resulting in a highly relevant on-site search experience for shoppers.
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Intelligent, conversational site search experiences with Semantic AI

Seamless site search user experiences

With intelligent auto-suggestions as users type their queries, dynamic filtering options, and tolerance for typo errors, users can find what they’re looking for faster and brands can show items based on true intent.

Enhanced handling of long-tail queries for better conversions

Semantic AI dissects queries and matches them across all product fields, ensuring users get a relevant search experience, even for complex queries, akin to what they are accustomed to with popular search engines.

Let AI do the heavy lifting at a fraction of in-house costs

With Semantic AI, you can streamline on-site search, reducing engineering expenses and eliminating the need for intricate development and ongoing maintenance. This frees you to focus on perfecting your search strategy.

Unlock fast revenue growth with semantic search

Semantic AI is a driving force behind a key component of product
discovery—search. Its ability to optimize the search experience and avoid zero results pages translates into a significant impact on revenue.

Streamline user-generated content curation with automatic sentiment detection

Semantic AI conducts language analysis on user-generated content, promptly identifying positive and negative sentiments, enabling brands to swiftly filter and select the best content with minimal time investment.