Build high-performing commerce experiences with ease. Our Business Intelligence tooling allows you to closely monitor key website commerce metrics, your catalog performance, your traffic’s on-site behavior, as well as any user-generated content your customers are sharing about your brand on social
media—empowering you to make data-backed decisions quickly and easily.
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Make sense of your critical commerce data with our suite of Business Intelligence tools within experience.AI™. Collect, store and analyze data in real-time from your customers, product catalog, and content operations and use streamlined dashboards and visualizations to provide clear and structured guidance on performance and areas of improvement.


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Product Release What’s New in Nosto: Segmentation for Weather‑Based Targeting

We’ve broadened our Segmentation capabilities. Create targeted commerce experiences and merchandise your online store based on your shoppers’ current and forecasted weather conditions. Here’s more!

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Product Release New UGC Production Metrics within the Content Dashboard

When evaluating the success of your UGC, metrics reach, engagement, and CR are likely your go-to indicators. However, we’ve now launched 20+ trackable content production metrics so you can dive even deeper!

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