Merchandising Rules

Take control over your product discovery experience using global merchandising rules to influence the sorting of items within search results, category pages, and product recommendations.
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Powerful merchandising for search, recommendations, and categories

Effectively merchandise your products within different onsite experiences

Boost and bury products within search results, category pages, and recommendations based on attributes and performance metrics such as size, color, brand, add-to-cart rate, inventory, and more.

Scale your merchandising strategy for increased productivity and efficiency

Eliminate the need for manual product arrangement by automating your onsite merchandising with just one click for an amplified impact on conversions, revenue, and more.

Target different segments with specific rules to enhance performance

Deliver tailored product discovery experiences for key segments that align with your strategic goals, whether it’s to increase conversions, average order value, or retention rate.

Earn more revenue with global
merchandising rules

Case Study - ALC
2x CVR on search pages with merchandising rules

“The global merchandising rule… increased the visibility of the sale in all areas of our site for that specific time. Once it’s over, our merchandising goes back to pushing our new collections,”

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25% increase in converison rates for search users

“Being able to adjust our search results in relation to these ranking rules on a global level was key for us in optimizing our search”

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Reduced time and effort by using merchandising rules

“Being able to integrate this into Nosto and then give sorting preference to items with certain stock levels ensured results were constantly optimized for possible conversion—and handled it for us.”

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Intelligent merchandising
starts with a CXP

Create hyper-relevant commerce experiences with a CXP that combines cutting-edge search, merchandising and personalization capabilities

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Product Release Merchandising Rules for Product Recommendations

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve enhanced the applications of our merchandising rules! Now, in addition to search results and category pages, users can also apply merchandising rules to product recommendations.

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It may seem counterintuitive that spending more money can decrease total costs, but, with a platform like Nosto’s, you can actualize significant cost savings when applied intelligently. Here’s how.

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