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Manage personalization, merchandising, recommendations, search, and UGC all from a single platform.

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Clean product UIs, simple dashboards, and digestible analytics. Nosto’s a tool built for you, the user—not developers.

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Automate parts of commerce experience management while maintaining control of others, to find the perfect balance.

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Easily action unified commerce data to improve engagement, CLTV, bounce rate, and profitability.

commerce experiences

Product Recommendations

“Our customer journey has become more fluid with fewer hurdles. It’s the greatest contribution to our site. The logic is powerful, and we can trust it.”

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Category Merchandisng

“Category Merchandising was profitable in less than a month. It’s definitely a significant revenue and growth driver for us. That’s not the case for every tool.”

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Content Personalization

“We have found Nosto allows us to personalize content easily and lets us A/B test it to identify what content really works.”

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