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We’re a global team and, while we offer the flexibility to work from home, we make sure to get together and celebrate our wins. This is us at our last company offsite (that’s right, we don’t wear suits to the office). Come join the party.

Picturing yourself
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The applications of the software we’re developing—that helps brands create more authentic and personalized online experiences—are infinite. Commerce is booming. And we have a vision that, one day, every interaction between a brand and a human will be intelligently personalized.

But we need people like you to help us get there.

Joining Nosto means working with groundbreaking technologies and helping the world’s most exciting brands scale. It also means working with some of the smartest minds and kindest people in the industry, ready to help you do your best work yet.

If you’re aligned with our goals and want in on an industry that’s constantly innovating, read on to see what it’s like working for us, and get a taste of our culture, our benefits, our progression routes, and more.

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Let’s meet the team…

Working at Nosto has been such a pleasure and privilege in my career. Not only does the company culture allow for unique and exciting cross-country internal collaboration, but I am also empowered to work with high-caliber brands.

Jamie Burkes, Manager of Customer Success, New York

Being an SDR at Nosto is more than being a pre-sales person. We’re really valued for the work we do, and have a direct impact in our regions. It’s great that we’re given opportunities to attend lots of events and meet really exciting brands.

Vincent Lam, Sales Development Representative, Paris

For a search engineer like me, it’s not just about code and algorithms. I find fulfillment in the challenge of going beyond mere search, instead making every interaction relevant. Nosto allows me to tap into my fullest potential.

Tomas Mažvila, Software Engineer, Kaunas

Nosto is a vibrant, diverse, and collaborative place to work that truly cares about its culture. It invests heavily in bringing its people together through company-wide events and other great team-led activities.

Jacopo Carassai, Head of Developer Services, Berlin

What truly sets Nosto apart for me is the vibrant culture of creativity and collaboration. Here, I’m not just managing projects; I’m leading a talented team of engineers and technologists who are as passionate about finding cutting-edge solutions as I am.

Bianca Glasner, Head of Platform Integrations Engineering, Salzburg

Our values

Succeed together

Teamwork really does make the dream work. Together, we work hard to reach our goals and never forget to celebrate our successes (or our setbacks) along the way.

Be personal

Personalization isn’t just part of our day to day—it’s in the way we communicate and how we find unique ways to connect from our many corners of the world.

Accomplish daily

We tackle challenges as small achievable wins rather than one large work-in-progress. Through incremental achievements, we’re faster and smarter.

Innovate fearlessly

No idea is ever too small. We give our people the autonomy to bring new concepts to the table, explore what works and learn from what doesn’t.

Empower success

We always strive to empower others, sharing knowledge and offering support. We’ll do all we can to help you reach your fullest potential.

Have fun

Whether we’re flying our team to a remote party location or hosting a midweek Zoom quiz, we always find ways to connect the team and add some fun to our day.

Careers, not jobs

Jan Soerensen General Manager of North America
  • Joined Nosto from Zalando with a wealth of experience dealing with Zalando’s CVR optimization, as well as their expansion into the Nordics
  • Began as a Customer Success Manager at Nosto working in international markets
  • Became Head of Customer Success
  • Honed onboarding and account management processes
  • Trained new employees overseas
  • Moved to New York and became General Manager of North America
  • Developed relationships with agencies, partners, clients, and much of the Shopify ecosystem
  • Built out a successful team of 40+
Kat Andres Product Manager
  • Joined as a Product Support Specialist
  • Helped clients of all sizes with daily questions and challenges
  • Became a Technical Solutions Manager
  • Onboarded clients across different platforms
  • Conducted training and ensured a fluid go-live experience
  • Became a Junior Product Manager
  • Worked with customer technology team to take platform integrations next-level
  • Launched Shopify Markets, Shopify Hydrogen 2, and Googles Analytics 4 integrations
  • Became Product Manager

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