Deliver timely and relevant marketing emails that embed personalized product recommendations to power discovery, engagement, increase purchases, and foster brand loyalty across your key off-site channel.
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Increase email conversions
with personalized product

Send hyper-relevant emails to power your click-throughs

Increase email engagement by integrating personalized product recommendations. Showcase relevant offerings to different contacts, boosting click‑through rates and purchases.

Build loyalty with emails designed to nurture relationships

Foster loyalty with personalized emails that make shoppers feel valued, from first-touch to conversion and repeat purchase, ensuring a strong and lasting connection.

Re-engage shoppers with strategic, behavior‑triggered sends

Entice shoppers back to your online store with timely emails triggered by behaviors, such as post-purchase thank you emails with discount offers, abandoned-cart reminder emails, and more.

Integrate with your email service provider (ESP) in just a few clicks

Keep working with the providers you love, as Nosto seamlessly integrates with all ESPs, allowing you to effortlessly add personalized product recommendations to any email flows.

Effortless set up to reduce your time to value and easily embed recommendations

Create personalized emails with ease, whether designing triggered emails using our email editor or crafting specific widgets. No development required, so you can get set up in minutes.

Earn more revenue
with personalized product
recommendations in emails

5% increase in conversion rate using email widgets

“Nosto provides a dynamic and personalized user experience to our customers, and this not only ensures we uphold our high standards for customer experience but also delivers excellent results on the bottom line.”

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4% increase in CTR on personalized email widgets

“Our team values the versatility of Nosto’s capabilities, allowing us to continually elevate our strategies… we have numerous ways to enhance our customers’ experience.”

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+46% increase in CVR for new customers

“We started with only product recommendations but now we’re really making use of the different features… [including Personalized Emails] and solving even more pain points, as well as increasing KPI performance.”

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Intelligent product discovery starts
with a CXP

Create hyper-relevant shopping experiences with a CXP that combines cutting-edge search, merchandising and personalization capabilities

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Article Why Brands Need Personalized Emails

Whether you’re new to the world of personalized emails or simply need a refresher, here’s a rundown on why they’re a key part of customer engagement and conversion.

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Product Release Email Widgets Made Easier to Manage, Analyze, and Control

Just as Nosto helps you create valuable shopping experiences, we equally care about ensuring a great experience across your other channels. Which is why we’re ready to unveil our email widgets revamp!

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customers succeed


Guided onboarding for fast time-to-value

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Live chat or email for round-the-clock assistance


Regular check-ins with customer success manager


Access the Nosto Academy and Help Center

Amazing ecomm tool
& customer support

“Nosto’s customer support couldn’t be better, our success manager is knowledgeable, attentive, and is always prepared to discuss better ways to optimize our brands.”

Exceptional support
and user‑friendly experience

“Nosto is an outstanding platform that exceeds expectations. Their exceptional customer support ensures prompt assistance, while the user-friendly interface simplifies everything.”

Truly amazing customer support

“We appreciate that the Nosto team is always available for us, from bi-weekly status calls to any one-off questions that come up. Their team has always supported us!”

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