The neural core
of our CXP

experience.AI™ is the neural core that powers our CXP and is made up of four capabilities: Data Engine, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Dynamic Targeting. experience.AI™ captures intent-rich commerce data everywhere and unifies it in a single engine so you can action it anywhere in the commerce experience.
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Accelerate commerce
with experience.AI™

We enrich and activate your audience, product and content data in real time. experience.AI™ equips you with the capability to understand and derive insights from that data and provides you with the tools to target your site’s visitors and take action through the modules within our experience clouds.

experience.AI™ is fueled by our AI training data

AI training data can consist of millions of individual behavioral profiles per online store, each behavioral profile comprising billions of online events specific to a shopper, captured when they interact with your store.

Step 1: Capture online events

Billions of behavioral data signals captured in real-time as shoppers interact with your website, content, and products.

Step 2: Create the behavioral profiles

User behavior such as page views, clicks, add-to-carts and cart events, transactions, product returns, cart abandonment, site abandonment, search queries, and more are all captured on an individual shopper level. All these events for one shopper create their behavioral profile. 

Step 3: Train the experience.AI™ models

Millions of behavioral profiles, per store, train our machine learning models within experience.AI™. All these behavioral profiles are continually trained every time a user returns to your site, regardless of the device. The more interactions we process, the stronger and more predictive the models become.

Explore the key
of experience.AI™

Real-Time Data Engine Artificial Intelligence Business Intelligence Dynamic Targeting

Why 2,000+ global brands choose
us for commerce experience

Intent-rich data

For powerful personalization, search, and merchandising experiences at every stage

Effortless onboarding

Speedy set up via API or pre-built templates to reduce time to value and get you more revenue, quicker

Advanced AI

Balance automation and control with cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies

Turnkey solutions

Professional services and turnkey solutions to help
you scale your commerce campaigns with ease

Built for commerce

An intuitive UI and out-of-the-box commerce features means you can execute without depending on IT

Simplifies your tech stack

Platform of experience management tools that grow with you. Take what you need to get started

No site speed impact

Designed and built so you can access powerful tools that leave no negative impact on your site speed

Secure + compliant

Privacy features, coupled with secure integrations, make our CXP the choice for enterprise brands

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