We’re on a mission
to make every
impression relevant

We’re a Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) fuelled by customer, product, and content intelligence. Powered by experience.AI™, our platform gives brands a set of tools rooted in automation and AI that are intuitively designed to action data and increase online revenue.
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1.5B+ daily product
recommendations served
36 different nationalities
within the team
18T+ shopper signals
200+ Nostonians pushing the
boundaries of commerce

Our story

Our journey began in 2013 with 3 founders and 1 goal: to enable brands and retailers to translate the personal touches of in-person shopping to the online world.

Founders (left to right), Jani Luostarinen, Antti Pöyhönen, and Juha Valvanne, were unsatisfied with the impersonal ecommerce experiences offered to shoppers and sought to turn these limitations into opportunities—creating a platform for retailers and ecommerce brands to deliver the experiences that shoppers deserve.

We’ve since developed the leading Commerce Experience Platform that’s loved today by brands across the world.

Our founders remain at the heart of our business, only now they’re joined by a talented crew of over 200 Nostonians, pushing the boundaries of commerce together.

Nosto [Finnish, noun]

The act of uplifting or raising
Our heritage is rooted in the Finnish word ‘Nosto’ and its meaning ‘to uplift’ or to ‘raise’.

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to make commerce lovable for everyone. Lovable for those at brands who manage commerce, and loveable for their customers who engage with them daily.

Our Mission
We can only uplift the experience and make it loveable if we achieve our mission of making every impression relevant.

Our Vision
When we achieve our purpose and our mission, we move toward our ultimate vision: a world in which every interaction between a brand and a human is intelligently personalized.

Jul. 2012
Pre-seed investment
Jan. 2013
First offices open: Helsinki & Berlin
Jan. 2013
1st product launches: Product Recommendations
Mar. 2013
Seed investment
Jun. 2014
Series A investment
Sept. 2014
New product launches: Pop-Ups
Oct. 2014
Nosto launches on Shopify app store
Jun. 2015
Stockholm office opens
Jan. 2016
New York office opens
Jan. 2016
New product launches: Personalized Emails
Jun. 2017
Became a Shopify Plus Technology Partner
Oct. 2017
100+ team
Jan. 2018
London office opens
Feb. 2018
Paris office opens
Aug. 2018
Series B investment
Sept. 2018
New product launches: Segmentation & Insights
Sept. 2018
New product launches: Content Personalization
Mar. 2019
New product launches: Dynamic Bundles
Oct. 2019
New product launches: A/B Testing & Optimization
Mar. 2020
New product launches: Category Merchandising
Apr. 2020
Became a Certified Shopify Plus Partner
Jun. 2021
Acquires visual UGC platform, Stackla
Jun. 2021
Sydney office opens
Aug. 2021
UGC launches as part of Nosto’s offering
Jan. 2022
Acquires search solution, SearchNode
Jan. 2022
Kaunas office opens
Feb. 2022
Search vision begins
Dec. 2022
200+ team
Dec. 2022
Acquires second search solution, Findologic
Dec. 2022
Salzburg office opens
Jan. 2023
Investment round
Feb. 2023
Personalized Search launches as part of Nosto’s offering
Jan. 2024
experience.AI launches
Worldwide offices and teams

We have over 200 team members in more than 9 different office locations including: London, Paris, New York, Stockholm, Salzburg, Sydney, Helsinki, Berlin, and Kaunas. But office locations don’t define us. We operate a remote-hybrid policy which means we get access to the most talented people around the world to make up our diverse and inclusive teams. This means we can continue to innovate fearlessly (one of our key values).

Careers at Nosto
Advancing AI in commerce

We’ve a history of innovation and are constantly striving for more, both in terms of our culture as well as our product offering. Our vision is a world in which every single interaction between a brand a human is intelligently personalized. In order to realize this vision, we must continually pioneer and innovate in our product and technological offering. This is evidenced in our proprietary AI and algorithms, for which we have secured patents.

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