Predictive AI
and analytics for

Our Predictive AI uses advanced machine learning algorithms to process large volumes of behavioral and transactional customer data, identifying patterns that anticipate future behaviors and preferences. This allows automatic adaptation in real-time to ever-shifting user demands as well as delivery of intelligent, personalized, and authentic commerce experiences at scale.
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How you benefit from predictive AI in the commerce experience

Holistic predictions through unified
data and customer understanding

Our Predictive AI breaks down data silos to consolidate and analyze extensive behavioral data from every touchpoint. This leads to a deeper understanding of customer intent.

Hyper-relevant experiences that maximize online revenue

Always push the content and products poised for the best performance, precisely when it matters most, by anticipating customer preferences based on their browsing behavior and the actions of other lookalike shoppers.

Identify and action any untapped growth opportunities

Our Predictive AI analyzes customer data and patterns, providing in-depth insights for each customer segment. It uncovers additional affinities related to products, categories, or brands within your segment, enhancing merchandising and content strategies.

Mitigate churn risks across the
entire commerce experience

Predictive AI enables real-time tailored product discovery and marketing campaigns, reducing churn risk by delivering a hyper-relevant customer experience.

Let AI do the heavy lifting at a fraction of in-house costs

Avoid the time and expense of complex developments, manual analysis, decision-making, and execution. Trust Predictive AI to remove the guesswork and do the heavy lifts.