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Deliver a personal touch at scale with the world's leading AI-powered personalization platform for digital commerce and retail.

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Personalizing the World of Commerce

Nosto analyzes your customers’ omni-channel behaviors and transactions. Using world leading AI for digital commerce, Nosto is able to deliver real time, automated 1:1 recommendations and personalized content across all customer touch points.

Nosto is the #1 AI-powered personalization solution of choice for the world’s top ecommerce retailers. The patented technology and Ecommerce Intelligence Engine has been developed and refined over the past 7 years by a team of top machine learning engineers, data scientists and PHDs.


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1:1 Personalization Across Every Touch Point and Every Device

Onsite Product Recommendations

Onsite Product Recommendations

Nosto analyzes the unique browsing and buying behavior of every visitor to your store, building individual customer profiles and crowd-logic for first-time shoppers. Displaying the most relevant products across your site in real-time, we make the shopping journey more personal and more inspiring.

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Onsite Pop-ups

The majority of online sales are lost due to undecided, hesitant buyers. Reduce site abandonment and increase customer conversion and email capture by using limited-time special offers and one-time discounts – all leveraged through Nosto’s Onsite Pop-ups.

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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Nosto’s Segments & Insights, powered by Ecommerce Intelligence Engine, takes your personalized, dynamic Facebook and Instagram Ads to the next level. Instead of building audiences manually and based on guesswork, unleash the power of AI and machine learning to target the exact customer groups who are more likely to convert and easier to nurture into loyal customers.

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Personalized Emails

Nosto provides effective and powerful tools to personalize your email marketing and automate the delivery of personalized emails to your customers. Recommend highly relevant products via dynamic content across a variety of transactional emails: such as order confirmation emails, abandoned cart emails to help convert indecisive customers, and “We Miss You” emails to re-engage customers who have not visited your online store in some time. All using the power of our Ecommerce Intelligence Engine.

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Onsite Content Personalization

Personalize every and any element of your web store, including navigation bars, banners, videos, copy, and graphics & logos. This ensures that every customer gets an individual and inspiring shopping experience.

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Segmentation & Insights

Ecommerce-specific insights help you better understand your customers, regardless of where they are in the customer lifecycle. Using this information, find similar customers and create segments to target them with Nosto’s personalization product offering.

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In-Store Personalization

Increase shopping engagement and omnichannel personalization by leveraging both in-store and onsite data.

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Mobile App Personalization

Have your own native mobile app, progressive web app, or single page app? Personalize the shopping experience directly inside the app, including content, product recommendations, and pop-ups.

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A/B Testing & Optimization

Test any variation of the personalized content or product recommendations displayed on your site in order to optimize your customers’ shopping experiences. Test any combination of elements on your site, derive valuable commerce specific insights into how variations affect the sales of specific products or brands, and automatically drive traffic to the highest performing variants.

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AI-powered Ecommerce Intelligence Engine

Nosto’s AI-powered personalization platform runs on patented and proprietary technology. Our Ecommerce Intelligence Engine analyzes every interaction from all customer touch points.

Leveraging innovative and advanced machine learning, Nosto builds a unique understanding of your customers. This enables incredibly powerful predictive capabilities in real time, delivering increased customer engagement and increased revenues for your business.

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Trusted by the World's Leading Brands


Since adopting Nosto’s solutions, Knomo has enjoyed a 60% increase in conversion, 16% increase in average order value, and 10x ROAS.

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Campus Protein

Since working with Nosto, BVAccel and Shopify Plus, Campus Protein has seen a 19% increase in revenue, 2x higher conversion probability, and 26% increase in valuable traffic.

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Since implementing Nosto’s Facebook Ads, NiceHair has more than doubled their return on ad spend.

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Nosto removes the manual work and thought processes behind up-and-cross selling on our websites. From day 1 we saw an instant uplift in sales and since then have continued to see some fantastic results. The platform is super easy to use and navigate and the reporting is great for us to see what works and what requires optimizing. From calls to emails, everything is clearly explained and easy to follow. Nosto has been a worthy investment and we are looking forward to seeing what the next 12 months will bring.

Andy W, Ecommerce Manager

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