Data Engine

Our data engine gathers, stores, and processes diverse data types from multiple sources in real-time. It uses commerce-specific machine learning models to process this data and turn it into the actionable intelligence needed to deliver high-performing commerce experiences via our Product Experience Cloud and Content Experience Cloud.
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Enrich and action different
commerce data types

Behavorial data

We collect and process both zero-party data (information proactively shared) and first-party data (such as purchase history and website interactions) to create profiles that identify and predict affinities. These rich profiles are created for every shopper and consider both past and present interactions with your site, to illuminate unique targeting opportunities.

Product catalog data

Synchronize your product data in real time and analyze how shoppers engage with your catalog, revealing patterns and connections between items. Our engine looks at past performance of items and ranks them in terms of expected revenue. This data is then combined with behavioral data to predict how much revenue an item is likely to generate.

Content data

Visual AI uses advanced algorithms to identify, organize, and categorize objects, scenes, events, emotions, styles, colors, patterns, and more within visual content. It then turns these into machine-readable datasets with which you can enhance personalization and streamline curation.

Experience management

Our CXP is fueled by customer, product, and content data. By combining these three critical commerce data components, you have a rich and holistic pool of intelligence at your fingertips to action through end-to-end commerce experience management, driving online revenue.

Connect external data sources to
enrich commerce insights

Integrations with your
tech stack

Easily connect our CXP to your existing tech stack, including your CDP, ESP, POS and more, to further enrich your pool of customer data for greater targeting.

Open APIs and extensive
file import

Alternatively, synchronize your customer data with Nosto through our API, or conveniently upload customer lists directly from a spreadsheet if preferable.

Use rich intent data across the
entire commerce experience

Understand true
shopper Intent

Bridge the gap between human communication and machine understanding with our Semantic AI and capture the true intent behind every search query. Use this intelligence to then inform your other commerce strategies and actionability for better product discovery.

Capture anywhere,
use everywhere

Our data engine fuels every module of our CXP, including Personalized Search, Product Recommendations, Category Merchandising, UGC, Content Personalization, and more, giving you the power to deliver end-to-end personalized experiences that increase revenue.

Fuse online and offline data to create seamless customer journeys

audience profiles

Your brick-and-mortar and ecommerce operations shouldn’t be operating in silos. By unifying online and offline data, you can create richer omnichannel shopper profiles. This leads to a better understanding of behaviors, preferences, and buying habits of individual shoppers or groups of shoppers to identify targeting opportunities.

Consistent online
and offline experiences

Use in-store transactional data to enhance online experiences by personalizing on-site and email campaigns with products and content related to in-store purchases. Conversely, use online behavioral data to suggest relevant items or use digital in-store screens to present content based on shopper affinities.