A/B Testing
& Optimization

Ensure maximum performance of every Nosto campaign with A/B/n, split, and multivariate testing, and have winning variants be shown to all your traffic by automation, the second they’re established.
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Find and scale the best performing commerce experience strategies

Create lucrative shopper segments for impactful personalization

Optimize all your Nosto-powered onsite experiences with extensive testing options, ensuring every campaign reaches its full potential while proactively enhancing critical KPIs.

Minimize revenue loss with automatic winner distribution

Confidently test campaigns while mitigating risk by automatically delivering winning variants to all your traffic the moment statistical significance is achieved, saving any potential revenue loss.

Scale your campaign testing without any technical dependency

Easily set up, preview, and deploy all your A/B testing, without need for any technical assistance, empowering you to scale your testing efforts in a breeze.

Gain valuable insights to inform future campaigns and strategies

Understand how campaign iterations can influence sales and other KPIs, then use these insights to shape further experiences and refine your full personalization and merchandising strategies.

Earn more revenue with A/B
testing & optimization

88% increase in CVR by personalizing its homepage

“The ability for us to… provide a more personalized experience, coupled with the Nosto testing functionality has really enabled us to take huge steps forward in providing a better online experience for our customers.”

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18% increase in conversion rate from a single test

“It was incredibly easy to set up and deploy. The tool automatically switched over the majority of the traffic to the winning variation, freeing us from having to constantly monitor test results.”

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37% increase in AOV through Nosto-powered campaigns

“No other platform has allowed our team to so easily experiment with different elements of our site, which has led to a faster return on investment (ROI) than we ever expected.”

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Intelligent commerce
experiences start with a CXP

Create hyper-relevant commerce experiences with a CXP that combines cutting-edge search, merchandising and personalization capabilities

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We dive into the concept of intelligent product discovery with Nosto clients, Dermalogica and Casio, to speak about how they’ve been succeeding and innovating in this space—incl. Dermalogica’s use of A/B testing.

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It may seem counterintuitive that spending more money can decrease total costs, but, with a platform like Nosto’s, you can actualize significant cost savings when applied intelligently. Here’s how.

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“Nosto’s customer support couldn’t be better, our success manager is knowledgeable, attentive, and is always prepared to discuss better ways to optimize our brands.”

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“Nosto is an outstanding platform that exceeds expectations. Their exceptional customer support ensures prompt assistance, while the user-friendly interface simplifies everything.”

Truly amazing customer support

“We appreciate that the Nosto team is always available for us, from bi-weekly status calls to any one-off questions that come up. Their team has always supported us!”

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