Build hyper-targeted segments for specific campaigns—keeping shoppers engaged and commerce experiences optimized for maximum ROI. Our Dynamic Targeting suite brings the capabilities to curate lucrative audience segments, apply tactful merchandising rules across your store, test and optimize all on-site campaigns, and schedule them exactly as you desire.
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Create custom audience segments and test ongoing performance

Our Dynamic Targeting tooling gives you the power to build high-performing audience segments, put them to work with extensive A/B and multivariate testing, deploying strategic global merchandising rules for those segments, and schedule campaigns to hit at the right moment.

Dynamic Targeting

Audience Builder A/B Testing Global Merchandising Adaptive Scheduling

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Product Release Merchandising Rules for Product Recommendations

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve enhanced the applications of our merchandising rules! Now, in addition to search results and category pages, users can also apply merchandising rules to product recommendations.

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Product Release What’s New in Nosto: Weather-Based Targeting

We’ve broadened our Segmentation capabilities. Now, you create targeted commerce experiences and merchandise your online store based on your shoppers’ current and forecasted weather conditions. Here’s more!

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