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Manage, request rights, and publish user generated content (UGC) across various digital touch-points in your customer journey to create authentic and relevant content experiences that drive discovery, boost sales, and grow customer loyalty.
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Reduce content costs and increase authenticity with powerful UGC

Maintain a constant stream of fresh visual content without the ongoing costs

Save time and money by fuelling all your marketing activities with freely-available UGC that your brand advocates share about your products every day—lessening the need to refresh content with costly and time-consuming product shoots.

Enhance the customer journey by publishing UGC across key touchpoints

Strategically use UGC across channels, including email, product pages, paid ads, digital screens and nurture programs, to span the entire customer journey from raising awareness to retention.

Streamline the path to purchase by transforming UGC into shoppable content

Seamlessly link any visual content to related product pages or enable direct ‘add to cart’ call to actions, facilitating conversions for interested shoppers ready to take action.

Turn earned content into owned assets with effortless rights management

Our robust and user-friendly rights management workflows allow you to reach out to content creators and request their permission to feature their UGC in your marketing—offering full control over the terms and conditions of UGC rights requests.

Improve UGC performance easily with Predictive AI for actionable recommendations

Gauge which UGC is most likely to perform, with intelligent performance predictions that suggest which content should be published and which should be discarded, increasing ongoing campaign performance and reducing curation time.

Earn more revenue with
user-generated content

Surpassed 152% of their campaign goals

“People love to see and share their selfies on the big screen. Capitalise on this to turn your audiences into amplifiers and advocates, and get tons of great content in the process.”

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40% increase in online revenue using UGC

“We strongly believe the use of UGC images in our marketing collaterals resulted in a more relatable and effective marketing campaign.”

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338 ‘rights managed’ content pieces in just 3 weeks

“I think more and more, people see past advertising these days…If you have happy customers sharing your content, then use it! It has been invaluable to our business. ”

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Intelligent content
start with a CXP

Create hyper-relevant commerce experiences with a CXP that combines cutting-edge search, merchandising and personalization capabilities

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Research Report Discover why 85% of marketers say UGC is critical

This 2023 study investigates the challenges ecommerce marketers are facing when it comes to creating visual content, explaining why many are turning to UGC as a solution to help with cost, diversity, engagement, and more.

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Product Release Easily Leverage TikTok Content Across the Customer Journey

TikTok has immense potential for customer acquisition, retention, and conversion. By integrating Nosto’s UGC with TikTok, it’s easy for brands to incorporate their TikTok content throughout the customer lifecycle journey.

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