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Nosto and Lexer

Create highly targeted audiences through comprehensive customer data and deliver hyper-personalized commerce experiences that drive revenue growth using Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) and Lexer’s Customer Data & Experience Platform (CDXP).
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A partnership built for customer-centric brands

With just a few simple steps, brands can import Lexer’s CDXP customer data, including predictive spend, preferred channel, review rating, date of birth, and more, to complement Nosto’s CXP behavioral and transactional segments. These segments can then be precisely targeted with personalized product recommendations, search results, merchandising, pop-ups, and content using Nosto.

David Chinn
CEO, Lexer

“Personalized customer experiences are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for retailers wanting to grow revenue and loyalty. Our partnership with Nosto is empowering brands like Aquila, Milly, Blue Illusion, and Lake Pajamas, to transform every customer interaction. Together, we’re redefining the art of customer engagement, ensuring every touchpoint is an exceptional, revenue-generating experience for our shared clients.”



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