NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Optimize your personalized onsite experiences with A/B Testing & Optimization

A/B Testing & Optimization

Identify which onsite experiences most impact customer conversion by deploying A/B tests across any element on any page, and optimize experiences according to the results.

Create Highly Personalized Onsite Experiences with A/B Testing & Optimization

Nosto's A/B Testing & Optimization allows you to understand how different experience variations across your site affect the behavior of each individual visitor. With our continuous optimization tool, you'll never have to worry about turning customers away with unfavorable onsite experiences.

Our commerce-focused Merchandising Insights also allow you to go beyond traditional testing analytics to determine how each test impacts sales of individual brands or products within audience segments. With our A/B Testing & Optimization tool, it's now easier than ever to impact business growth: from bounce rate to bottom line.

Did you know?

With Merchandising Insights, you’ll be able to see how each test affects the sales of individual products in your catalog—surfacing next-level insights about your customers’ preferences and product offering.

Key Features

AI-powered Ecommerce Intelligence Engine

Nosto’s Ecommerce Intelligence Engine analyzes every interaction from across your store to build a deep understanding of your business and every visitor interacting with it.

Using patented machine learning algorithms and advanced statistical techniques, our engine is able to predict – and automatically deliver – the most relevant experiences in real-time to increase customer engagement and maximize your revenue potential.

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Ecommerce Intelligence Engine

Nosto is a powerful tool, and its HTML editing capability allows you to edit anything within the platform yourself without having to rely on developers or Nosto (though they’ll be more than helpful if needed). This means you can implement things onsite almost instantly, which has allowed us to use Nosto beyond its ‘core’ features. Nosto integrates with most ecommerce platforms seamlessly and instantly and is continuously developing new and useful features. Their London-based team is very friendly and helpful and their CSM and Support teams help resolve issues very quickly.

James R, Digital Marketing Manager

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