Bridge the gap between onsite and in-store experiences and drive higher engagement everywhere

Consolidating onsite and in-store data to create experiences that feel seamless is a must for any retailer working toward delivering true omnichannel experiences. Having a single view of both data sources enables retailers to ensure every experience is as relevant as possible.

Improve relevance and engagement with omnichannel profiles that enable in-store personalization

Your brick-and-mortar and ecommerce operations shouldn’t be operating in silos. With consolidated omnichannel profiles, you can personalize your in-store experience using data from a shopper’s onsite behavior. Having a shopper log into their profile on your Point Of Sale system gives your in-store team the opportunity to suggest revelant additional products in real-time.

Learn how connecting online and in-store data can help you create seamless omnichannel shopping experiences for customers.

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Increase revenue by leveraging in-store data to personalize your onsite experience

Use in-store behavioral data to enhance your onsite experience. Personalize onsite experiences with a complete view of customer behavior, from building upsell product recommendations to creating automated bundle product recommendations. Use in-store data to build a complete picture of what’s actually happening across all channels.

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Drive higher customer lifetime value by building consistent experiences across your site and physical store

With in-store data for individual shoppers, you can personalize onsite experiences with products and content related to things shoppers bought in-person. This unified profile ensures you don’t recommend products that a shopper already bought in-store or show irrelevant content.

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Enhance cross-channel experiences by implementing strategies that reflect omnichannel behavior in real-time

Use your in-store data to automate personalized emails with product recommendations related to recent in-store purchases, create dynamic product ads on social media that showcase products that are complementary to in-store purchases, and more.

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