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In-Store Personalization

Connect your bricks and mortar transactional data and shopper interactions with your onsite behavioral data and transactional data to offer true omnichannel shopping experiences.

Increase shopping engagement and sales by personalizing the in-store experience

Ecommerce and traditional bricks and mortar retail are notorious for being completely separated business departments within the same companies. This can be extremely frustrating for the retailers as they may have two business units competing internally over revenue generation. In addition, this situation leads to fragmented and unfulfilling shopping journeys in which multichannel messaging can contain outdated and/or irrelevant information—making customers frustrated.

A true omnichannel experience combines both real-time onsite browsing behavior with transactional data to provide an up-to-date and rich shopping experience. These experiences occur across all touchpoints, such as the online store, bricks and mortar store, mobile app, email and social media platforms.

Did you know?

Shoppers who engage with an omnichannel experience have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel.

Key Features

Real-time shopping profiles

Build complete omnichannel profiles of your shoppers regardless of their many touchpoints by tracking and combining transactional data and onsite browsing behavior to predict buying intent.

Elimination of excess marketing budget

Avoid targeting shoppers with irrelevant and outdated content and product recommendations. As an example, a shopper browsing onsite (or in an ad or email) would not be presented with a product that they recently purchased in-store.

Anonymous crowd logic

Leverage anonymous in-store data to enrich the onsite and mobile shopping experiences (and vice versa) by exposing products that sell well together.

Onsite support for In-Store

Display onsite content and product recommendations relevant to a shopper’s in-store experience. For example, the shopper visits the online store and sees that the content and product recommendations are now personalized to reflect their personal interests and affinities, based on the shirt that they purchased in-store.

In-Store support for Onsite

Allow bricks and mortar staff to view content and product recommendations relevant to an individual shopper’s onsite experience. For example, in the Point of Sales system, the shopkeep sees a list of complementary product recommendations personalized to that particular shopper.

Ecommerce Intelligence Engine

Nosto’s Ecommerce Intelligence Engine analyzes every interaction from across your store to build a deep understanding of your business and every visitor interacting with it.

Using patented Machine Learning algorithms and advanced statistical techniques, our engine is able to predict – and automatically deliver – the most relevant experiences in real-time to increase customer engagement and maximize your revenue potential.

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Ecommerce Intelligence Engine

I met with Rory at an internet retailing expo and after researching the Nosto product, I was convinced it was what Toolstop needed to improve the customer experience on our website.

It took Toolstop around 18 months to get the new platform launched; in this time, Rory and the Nosto team were always on hand to advise and assist. We regularly had calls as well as face-to-face meetings to plan the strategy for the launch and Rory even came on site to learn about our operation. All in all, the Nosto team have been there every step of the way and the onboarding was as easy an implementation as any we have ever done.

Neil B, Ecommerce Manager

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Since adopting Nosto’s solutions, Knomo has enjoyed a 60% increase in conversion, 16% increase in average order value, and 10x ROAS.

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Campus Protein

Since working with Nosto, BVAccel and Shopify Plus, Campus Protein has seen a 19% increase in revenue, 2x higher conversion probability, and 26% increase in valuable traffic.

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Since implementing Nosto’s Facebook Ads, NiceHair has more than doubled their return on ad spend.

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