Great commerce experiences rely on effective customer segmentation based on behaviors, demographics, and affinities.

Nosto gives retailers the ability to segment audiences based on almost any combination of factors, such as category affinity, brand affinity, gender, lifecycle stage, and more. These segments can then be used across the full Nosto platform to personalize product recommendations, content, category merchandising, pop-ups, and more.

Increase revenue by using segments to create highly relevant experiences for every shopper

Combine real-time behavioral data, transactional data, and personal data to build unique profiles for shoppers that can be used in any combination of experiences. Nosto also automatically creates segments and predicts shoppers most likely to buy for more effective campaigns and ultimately more revenue.

Learn how Melvin & Hamilton increased conversion rate by 2.7x with Segmentation & Insights.

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Use segments across the full suite of Nosto products to create consistent, personalized shopping journeys

With Segmentation and Insights, retailers can use customer data to create infinite, unified personalized experiences across content campaigns, product recommendations, category pages, and more.

Learn how BeerHawk increased conversions by 35% for some segments using insights and personalization.

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The commerce experience platform for people who run ecommerce

Drill into any segment to see which products, brands, and categories perform the best

Knowing how different customer lifecycle and affinity segments perform helps you improve every part of your personalization and experience strategy. Nosto’s Insights enable you to compare performance across segments along a variety of metrics, from average order value to conversion rate.

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Use segments to create personalized experiences across different marketing channels

Maximize the performance of your acquisition and retention campaigns by using Nosto’s segments in emails, paid social media, Google Ads, and other channels. Deliver a seamless omnichannel experience no matter where shoppers engage with your brand.

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Combine first or third-party customer data with segments to build even more robust shopper profiles

More data means a more complete understanding of the shopper, which leads to better personalized experiences. Integrate other data sources using our powerful GraphQL API or upload CSV files directly.

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Integrations for every ecommerce tech stack

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