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Segmentation & Insights

Ecommerce-specific insights help you better understand your customers, regardless of where they are in the customer lifecycle. Using this information, find similar customers and create segments to target them with Nosto's personalization product offering.

Increase Sales by Understanding Your Customers Better

By combining real-time behavioral data and transactional data, your segments are always kept up to date. This ensures a rich and relevant personalized experience for every segment.

What product categories are they interested in? What brands do they view the most but don’t actually purchase? What devices are they using? Where are they located? Surface all of this and more.

As an example, Nosto’s Segments & Insights takes your personalized, dynamic Facebook and Instagram Ads to the next level. Instead of building audiences manually and based on guesswork, unleash the power of AI and machine learning to target the exact customer groups who are more likely to convert and easier to nurture into loyal customers.

Key Features

Connect with Tools You Love

Facebook and Instagram

Create hyper-personalized Facebook and Instagram ads with Nosto’s advanced audience segmentation offering.

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Google Analytics

Leverage Nosto’s custom and AI-powered segments to create Google Ads based on the brands and products your customers care about most.

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Shopify Flow

Create personalized and consistent shopping experiences across your customer lifecycle by connecting data from your other apps and Shopify to Nosto.

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Avoid spray and pray email marketing by leveraging Nosto’s audience segmentation to create personalized email campaigns and dynamic landing pages.

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Replicate your Nosto segments within dotdigital to create email campaigns based on aspects like customer location, favorite brand, and most purchased product.

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AI-powered Ecommerce Intelligence Engine

Nosto’s Ecommerce Intelligence Engine analyzes every interaction from across your store to build a deep understanding of your business and every visitor interacting with it.

Using patented machine learning algorithms and advanced statistical techniques, our engine is able to predict – and automatically deliver – the most relevant experiences in real-time to increase customer engagement and maximize your revenue potential.

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Nosto is a powerful tool, and its HTML editing capability allows you to edit anything within the platform yourself without having to rely on developers or Nosto (though they’ll be more than helpful if needed). This means you can implement things onsite almost instantly, which has allowed us to use Nosto beyond its ‘core’ features. Nosto integrates with most ecommerce platforms seamlessly and instantly and is continuously developing new and useful features. Their London-based team is very friendly and helpful and their CSM and Support teams help resolve issues very quickly.

James R, Digital Marketing Manager

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Customer Success Stories


Since adopting Nosto’s solutions, Knomo has enjoyed a 60% increase in conversion, 16% increase in average order value, and 10x ROAS.

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Campus Protein

Since working with Nosto, BVAccel and Shopify Plus, Campus Protein has seen a 19% increase in revenue, 2x higher conversion probability, and 26% increase in valuable traffic.

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Since implementing Nosto’s Facebook Ads, NiceHair has more than doubled their return on ad spend.

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