Supercharge your Brand’s Mobile Growth


With the majority of merchants’ traffic coming from mobile devices, personalized shopping experiences are crucial to streamlining product discovery and boosting conversions on small screens.

Listen back to this on-demand webinar to uncover how leading Shopify brand, Princess Polly, uses Nosto and Tapcart’s powerful integration to achieve seamless shopping experiences on mobile.

Liz Mahoney Senior Customer Success Manager, Nosto
Claire Miller Ecommerce Manager, Princess Polly
Melanie Huang UX Commerce Manager, Princess Polly
Jon Knott Director Ecosystem Partnerships, Tapcart
Jordan Bryant Enterprise Success Manager, Shopify

Learn from our variety of experts as we delve into the art of guiding mobile shoppers to their preferred products, elevating your mobile app’s visual appeal with proven merchandising techniques, and shortening the mobile path to purchase through spot-on search functionality.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Princess Polly’s tactics for guiding mobile shoppers to their preferred products
  • Proven merchandising techniques to elevate your mobile journeys visual appeal
  • Strategies to abbreviate the mobile path to purchase with spot-on search functionality
  • Tips for optimizing the mobile product discovery journey