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  • customer success
  • October 18, 2018

Double Win in the Bag for Nosto and Knomo at the eCommerce Awards for Excellence

On September 26th, Nosto’s London crew gathered at a top London hotel for the eCommerce Awards for Excellence. Gladrags were donned and there was excitement in the air. The results? Allow us to recap... (more…)

  • Product
  • segmentation & insights
  • Updates
  • October 17, 2018

What’s New in Nosto: Discount Affinities And Custom Segments for Segmentation and Insights

To enhance the power of our Segmentation and Insights product offering, our data scientists and engineers have added support for AI-powered discount affinity segments and custom segments. Allow us to unfold the magic behind these latest enhancements... (more…)

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  • personalized emails
  • holidays
  • October 16, 2018

Ace Your Holiday Marketing Strategy: Access Nosto’s Holiday Favorites Today

The holidays are well and truly on their way, which means you can look forward to a feast of food and drink, a wealth of merriness and, potentially, the busiest time of the year for your business. In the spirit...

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  • magento
  • events
  • marketing
  • October 9, 2018

Magento Live Europe 2018: 8 Must-Watch Sessions for Your Event Agenda

Magento Live Europe 2018 is now underway! And now that we’ve covered what you should see and do in Barcelona in your spare time, it’s time to get to business (although we fully acknowledge that a good plate of tapas is...

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  • magento
  • Product
  • shopify
  • shopware
  • Updates
  • October 8, 2018

What’s New in Nosto: Goodies For Retailers on Magento, Shopify and Shopware

For the past few months our focus has been to ensure our teams are well prepared for the holiday season - so our clients can have peace of mind during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and end-of-year sales. To keep the...

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  • gdpr
  • abandoned cart emails
  • October 4, 2018

Ecommerce Mythbusting: Are Abandoned Cart emails allowed under GDPR?

There’s been plenty of talk about GDPR’s effect on email marketing, but we’ve got good news - Abandoned Cart emails are GDPR compliant, and even better, they’re likely to be more effective than ever before! (more…)

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  • product recommendations
  • Product
  • Updates
  • October 3, 2018

What’s New in Nosto: 7 New Onsite Product Recommendation Features

With retailers worldwide prepping for the end-of-year sales rush, now’s the time to start fueling your personalization game plan to end this year strong. Here’s a summary of improvements we’ve made to our Onsite Product Recommendations between June and September...

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