Nosto’s brand and product evolution

Inside our brand and product evolution for 2024

The changes to our visual identity and product positioning energize the Nosto brand for the now and strengthen it for the future. Let us explain what’s changed, why, and how it makes a difference for our customers and partners.

As a brand, Nosto has always embraced the human side of commerce. The emotion. The feeling. The experience. The company was born out of the idea that commerce should be personal. And over a decade since our founding, this now holds true more than ever. Our purpose, our mission, and our vision have all remained constant. 

We exist to create lovable commerce. Loved by those entrusted with delivering beautifully designed and executed commerce experiences. And loved by those receiving experiences as they interact with their favorite online brands. 

But we can only make commerce lovable for everyone if we achieve our mission: to make every impression relevant. In making every impression relevant, we can ensure every interaction between a brand and a human is intelligently personalized

From our founding in 2013 to becoming the world’s leading CXP 

While those founding mantras remain unchanged, things have moved quickly since we were formed over a decade ago. 

We’ve released thousands of product updates. Announced hundreds of game-changing technology integrations and partnerships. We’ve grown in size and location. We’ve acquired companies. We’ve advanced our proprietary algorithms and AI. 

And we’ve helped global commerce brands deliver billions of dollars in online revenue. 

But as we’ve evolved, we’ve also seen the needs of brands and retailers evolve. Technology consolidation is more acute. Monolithic and archaic platforms are out: nimble, powerful platforms, with simplicity, scalability, and cost-effectiveness are in. And holistic data actionability remains a prevalent battle. 

Flexible, frictionless, intelligent commerce

Shoppers crave personalized experiences more than ever, but brands and retailers have lacked a single platform to manage the intelligence and actionability required to deliver on those demands. It is this duality that continues to inspire our product roadmap, positioning and brand identity.

So now, at the start of 2024, we feel it’s right to bring all of our successes, learnings, people, and technologies under a new brand identity and product positioning that is fit for the now and ready for the future.

2024: A new chapter for Nosto

So what’s happening?

  1. A new brand identity 
  2. A new tagline
  3. experience.AI™ becomes the neural core of our CXP
  4. A market-leading integrated UGC offering 
  5. A new and streamlined platform user interface 

1. A new brand identity

The new brand identity will come to life across all of our channels and every touchpoint. Let’s look at what’s changing. 


We’re excited to introduce our new logo for 2024. Our logo has always embodied the meaning of our name (Nosto; Finnish; to uplift, to raise), and that’s why we’ve always had a prominent arrow pointing upwards to represent the uplift our technology delivers for online brands and retailers. This isn’t changing for 2024. 

Our new logo is designed to:

  • Value our heritage and always uplift. The logo represents the core sentiment of ‘uplift’ and helping brands grow. 
  • Represent a new chapter for Nosto. After several acquisitions, a logo change signifies the bond of everyone and everything; we’ve combined companies, people, and technologies. 
  • Deliver a vibrant modernity. Sleek, modern, understatedly powerful, clean, unfussy. These are the positive emotions our logo evokes and those our customers associate with our platform. 
  • Symbolize our AI. The arrow is extrapolated into our graphic language with the lines grouped into four sets of four, representing the strides we’ve made in AI across the four key pillars of predictive AI, semantic AI, visual AI, and generative AI.


A small update has taken place to our color palette. Firstly, our magenta has evolved. It’s more muted and mature, but still carries our heritage into this new chapter. This is our key accent color. Used to add personality in places where it matters.

Other colors have been chosen to best represent our strive toward our new modernity, work better together in multiple contexts, and are still rich, impactful, and vibrant. 


Our typeface has also evolved. Our new header font is Forma DJR (replacing Aeonik) and our body copy font is Albert Sans (replacing Apercu Mono). 


Real-life first, illustrative second. 

When it comes to our imagery, you’ll see real people. Real examples of commerce experiences. This is because authenticity and relevance are critical to our purpose and mission. 

When we talk about our customers, we use real images.

When we talk about our platform, you’ll see our actual platform. We’re proud of the way it looks and proud of how easy it is to use. So there are no photoshopped mock-ups. If you see a platform image, that’s what you’ll get when you use it. 

When we talk about our company and our people, you’ll see actual employees. 

And when we illustrate our platform’s capabilities, you’ll see custom illustrations by our in-house brand team. 

2. A new tagline: Experience Intelligent Commerce 

This is our strapline and mantra. We want everyone to experience intelligent commerce. And we’re not using these words simply because they sound (or look) good together. They mean something to us. 

Experience. We use this as a noun and a verb. It reflects the human behind, or in front of, the commerce experience. This links to our mission of making every impression (ergo: experience) relevant. 

Intelligent. This refers to our technology and AI that powers every single commerce experience through Nosto. And this links to our vision of a world where every interaction between a brand and human is intelligently personalized. 

Commerce. This is who we are at our heart. It’s our platform and it’s why we exist. This links to our purpose of making commerce lovable for everyone. experience.AI™, our core platform, is trained specifically on retail and commerce data, differentiating us from generic experience platforms.

3. experience.AI™ becomes the neural core of our Commerce Experience Platform

experience.AI™ is the neural AI core powering our Commerce Experience Platform (CXP). It captures intent-rich commerce data everywhere and unifies it in a single engine so you can action it anywhere in the commerce experience. And, of course, manage everything from a single platform.

experience.AI™ is made up of four distinct capabilities: 

  1. Data Engine. This brings together your owned commerce data and lets you import and integrate additional data through our extensive APIs, bringing understanding and actionability to large datasets. 
  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our AI is made up of four key competencies: Predictive AI, Semantic AI, Visual AI, and Generative AI. This AI engine powers every feature of our platform, helping automate repetitive tasks, streamline tedious workflows, and deliver intelligent commerce experiences that drive growth.
  1. Business Intelligence (BI). Our Business Intelligence tooling enables you to monitor key website and campaign metrics with Business Analytics, your catalog performance with Product Intelligence, your traffic’s on-site behavior with Audience Insights, as well as any user-generated content your customers are sharing about your brand on social media with our UGC Monitoring.
  1. Dynamic Targeting. This enables you to build hyper-targeted segments for specific campaigns. You can create high-performing audience segments with Audience Builder, apply tactful merchandising across your store with our Global Merchandising Rules, optimize and test all on-site campaigns with A/B Testing and Optimization, and implement them ahead of time with Adaptive Scheduling.

Billions of behavioral profiles train experience.AI™ 

experience.AI™ captures billions of online signals specific to every shopper when they interact with your website, content, and products. These online signals, such as page views, clicks, add-to-carts and cart events, transactions, times, product returns, log-ins, cart abandonment, site abandonment, search queries, filtering and sorting, sign-ups, and location data are all stored in individual behavioral profiles. We then take the behavioral profiles and use this data to fuel the machine learning models within experience.AI™.  

The behavioral profiles accumulate for 36 months for each site or store. This ensures optimal results and understanding of annual and seasonal behaviors. 

The more online signals captured and behavioral profiles created = the more powerful and predictive experience.AI™ becomes. The more powerful and predictive experience.AI™ becomes = the more personalized the commerce experiences become. 

Action data with the Experience Clouds

While experience.AI™ brings together your data and gives you the tools to understand it, your commerce experiences come to life by taking that data and actioning it by way of our Experience Clouds. Here, you’ll find all the modules that allow you to create specific experiences.  

Product Experience Cloud

  • Product Recommendations
  • Personalized Search
  • Category Merchandising 
  • Dynamic Bundles
  • Personalized Emails 

Content Experience Cloud

  • Content Personalization
  • Behavioral Pop-Ups
  • UGC Publisher Center
  • Ambassador Builder

4. An integrated personalization and UGC offering for commerce 

Two of the largest challenges for digital commerce remain content velocity and content performance. Our platform is solving these challenges by integrating our personalization and user-generated content (UGC) solutions into a single platform. 

Today’s consumers expect online interactions with brands to be both personalized and authentic. Amid this backdrop, brands face a mounting challenge in capturing the attention of scroll-happy shoppers who have developed exceedingly high expectations, yet have a low trust in brands.

Obtaining enough (and the right kinds of) data, content and delivery methods to produce relevant experiences for individual shoppers is expensive and resource-intensive—making it an unreachable goal for most retailers.  

By being the first in the commerce experience space to offer UGC natively alongside search, merchandising, and product recommendations we are helping brands meet the ever-increasing expectations of their shoppers and allowing them to seamlessly leverage UGC to further personalize user experiences all while building brand advocates and loyal customers along the way.

As part of experience.AI™, our new UGC Monitoring module gives all brands and retailers the ability to see what valuable content is being created, and shared, across more than 25+ social media channels (including TikTok, Meta, X, YouTube), and then embed that UGC into their product discovery strategies. 

As part of our integrated personalization and UGC offering, every single new and existing customer will get access to UGC Monitoring so they can take valuable user-generated content and use that anywhere in the commerce experience—all from a single platform. 

Adding Visual UGC to our CXP reflects the shift from brand-centric strategies to customer-centric strategies, helping brands make their commerce experiences more relevant and authentic. 

5. A new and streamlined platform user interface 

A new and streamlined platform user interface has been launched to support our rebranding and product positioning. 

In addition to visual changes to align with the new brand, the interface will feature a more intuitive navigation and unlock additional information and features for users, such as UGC Monitoring. Our product naming has also been updated to reflect our new product positioning.

The changes in the user interface realize our ambition of a single platform for complete commerce experience management. Intelligence, targeting, and actionability are all managed from a single tool.

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