5 TEDtalks that every ecommerce merchant should see

A wise man once said, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club”. Something that I believe to be true, which is why, even when my ‘To Do’ list looks fit to burst, I believe in taking a bit of time out to look at the bigger picture. So, […]

What I learned from a week in the Babyshop office…

At Nosto we are privileged to be in a position where our success is directly aligned to that of our customers. Our business, which works on a success based pricing model, only makes money when retailers do – a decision we made because we believe it encourages excellence and innovation. It also defines our relationship […]

5 Tips For an Effective Ecommerce Homepage

As a retailer in an increasingly virtual world, the homepage has become the shop window through which your buyers are peering. But with the average web user taking only three seconds to decide whether it’s good enough to get them in out of the cold, it’s important that your first impression is a good one. […]

6 Tips to Turn The Black Friday Boom Into Long-Term Value

In preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday you’ve probably revamped your infrastructure, stacked the fridge with enough Red Bull to last an apocalypse, and read our previous blog on maximising the value on the day. Now, even when everything goes perfectly and sales figures shoot through the roof, it is likely that the actual […]